Create Your Own iPhone App in Minutes – Every Writer’s, Video Maker’s, and Podcaster’s Dream

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You’ve probably heard all the success stories about people creating small apps, they sell at iTunes Store for $0.99, and which makes them thousands of dollars weekly.

What’s more, just like me you might have dreamed about making your own successfull iPhone app, but have given up the thought, because you’re not a programmer.

I’ve got good news for you. Now it’s possible for people like you and me to make our own iPhone apps in minutes.

How? Read on, to find out.

One of the most successfull iPhone apps ever is called iFart, and the man behind it is Joel Comm. He’s created many really great products over time, but here he has outdone himself.

He’s created a web application that ordinary people without programming experience can use to create their own iPhone or iPod Touch apps, and it will even make it possible to give them away or sell them at the iTunes App Store.

The name of this wonderful money making product is My App Creator.

Oh, it works with the iPad, too, by the way, so you can create apps to three best-selling products: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad at the same time.

Who could profit from this application?


Ho, you don’t even have to be a writer. Recently, I bought an ebook application for my iPhone with the book “Think and Grow Rich”. Everybody can use these old books and wrap them in a new cover. Can you imagine the number of books you could sell each month, if you re-package and old best-seller?

Video creators.

You can pack your videos in an application, and sell it.

But that’s not all…

From the home page I took this:

My App Creator allows individuals and businesses to quickly and inexpensively create their own iPhone application. It is the perfect mobile content delivery solution for celebrities, athletes, speakers, authors, politicians, educators and corporations.

In other words: This app is for everybody who wants to create their own iPhone application, and gain fame or fortune. Or both 😉

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