Yelling at Ezine Articles

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Yes, they are the best, I know, and that’s why I use them, but nevertheless, they can make me go steaming with anger, screaming with fury, and biting my teeth together

I know it doesn’t change anything. I know it makes no different. Neither does it impress anybody when I use the contact form. They are un-reachable, unless you know the dirty tricks, and I do. And I hate myself for using it every time.

Frustrated with Ezine Articles? Read on to find out the only thing that works right now. And to learn more about false accusations, and nonunderstood articles, although their content is bleeding obvious to any normal person.

One of my friends and colleges wrote an article about why it was a bad idea to use PLR on blogs.

He got his article refused, because Ezine Articles didn’t approve of the use of PLR.


What can you do against an immense stupidity like that?


I wrote a review of Jeff Herring’s article templates.

I was told by Scott that I couldremovethe article, because they didn’t approve of the use of PLR or “article creation software“.

Are they plain stupid, or what?

And what can we do about it? I meanshrug – it’s a free service. I’ve heard that if you pay for platinum membership, you get educated editors. The rest of us must be happy about theliquorlaced, banana eating monkey they must be using to review articles (no offense if this description matches any actual human beings working at or for Ezine @rticles. I really am describing a monkey!)”, as another blogger described the reviewer back in July 2007. He’s still employed there, the reviewer, it seems. Or in a cave there, I don’t know.

Maybe I should sponsor a banana or two the next time I want an article approved?

I mean – we all make mistakes. And of course they are allowed to make mistakes at Ezine Articles, too. But this happens a bit too often, I think. Again, it’s okay.

The problem is that if you write to them to tell them about their mistake, you have to wait a long time to get an answer, and sometimes the answer is just as stupid as the first one you got from them.

So what can you do to reach them faster?

I’ve found that using this dirty trick works. I hate myself for doing it, but I also hate being frustrated, to get gray hair (not true, I love gray hair), and biting my nails (which I don’t). So I use the dirty trick.

I use Twitter. I write directly to @EzineArticles, and one of their nice employees or the boss himself takes care of solving the problem.

I just wish it wasn’t necessary to use means like that.

3 thoughts on “Yelling at Ezine Articles”

  1. I think it’s a good idea that you share this because it should be quite natural for an article database to SUPPORT writers when they have an issue.

    If they want more articles, everything depends upon how they treat existing writers.

    So keep it comin’… 🙂

  2. I agree with the misunderstood articles comment.
    There’s nothing more frustrating than the human monitor at who tells you some made-up techy-speak about why your article doesn’t meet their standards.
    Ask for a more understandable definition of exactly ‘what’ they’re complaining about and you get the same E-mail as the first one you didn’t understand – Human Monitor?? – I wonder?


  3. Pete, I agree.

    Furthermore, at one time I got three articles in problem status simply because of ONE tweet dealing with PLR. It was only when he went back and saw it wasn’t on the first page anymore that all articles were approved.

    If only they would write immediately what is wrong we could edit instead of having to write them, and wait even more time for a reply.

    They will have to change at some point because people are getting more and more tired of exactly these brainless comments that don’t allow you to get it corrected immediately.

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