Profits Theme Review (Welly Mulia and Adi Djohari)

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Three weeks ago, one of my friends had discovered the Profits Theme, which he thought could be an offer of manna from Heaven. “What do you think?”, he asked me.

I looked at the sales page, and I liked what I saw. In fact, I liked it so much that I not only recommended that he went ahead and bought it, but I also purchased it myself.

In short, Profits Theme is a WordPress theme, you can use not only to make a very customized design with, but also to create a membership site, add squeeze pages, sales pages (with or without video), and many other pages just by checking a few fields, and by adding your own text instead of the example text given.

Three very different blogs, all with Profits Theme:

profits theme review profits theme review profits theme review

Profits Theme Makes It Very Easy To Create A Membership Site

My reason for getting the Profits Theme was to create membership sites. I’ve just set up the first one for my husband, and everything went smoothly.

The membership sites created with Profits Theme can drip feed content, and we use that feature on my husband’s membership club.

The script automatically ads new paying users, even different categories, if necessary.

This Is How Profits Theme Can Help You If You’re A Non-Techie Blogger

If you want to do list building, Profits Theme makes it really easy to create a squeeze page.

When you use WordPress on your blog, normally a page will keep settings from the blog, like the sidebar, header etc. However, this is not optimal, when it comes to squeeze pages. They should give people only one choice: sign up. Does this work? Yes, on my Danish blog that teaches people how to become a writer, I have a 82.2% sign up rate. Simple and clean squeeze pages rock 🙂

Do you want a blog with one or two sidebars? Do you want them to the left or right, or both to one side?

Do you want widgets? How high should your header be? Do you prefer green colours, blue or black? Even red?

You can design your blog easily by putting checkmarks beside your choices. You can even decide the width of the content column and the sidebar.

Making a sales page is also easy, and you even get one-click access to nice graphics and backgrounds to testimonials.

profits theme review

It Is Not Easy To Launch A Product Or Run A Profitable Blog

It takes lots of work and dedication to run a business. What I really love about the Profits Theme is that it relieves you of a lot of programming burdens. You don’t have to create or find themes that will work with your idea. You don’t have to figure out how to remove the sidebar on landing pages. And you don’t have to install additional scripts to be able to receive payments for your products or membership clubs.

You can take care of creating your products, writing your blog posts, and market your ideas.

Obviously, it will take you longer the first time, you use the Profits Theme, but as soon as you’ve grasped the idea about how to use it, it will become just as easy as adding a new post to your blog.

My Favourite Areas Of Profits Theme? The Membership Feature And The Looks

I purchased the Profits Theme to make it easy for myself to start membership sites. I have already run several, and I know how much trouble it can bring, and how time consuming it can be to manually add new members and to make sure that they get the content they should, when it’s time to get it.

This part works as it should and how I expected it to.

However, I was positively surprised by the look of the theme. I had expected something … well, not pretty, but I really like the simple and clean design. Focus is on the content, not the theme.

How To Add Adverts To The Profits Theme

While it is easy to add the AdSense code to each post, there were no way to add it to all posts at once.

However, I found a very slick plugin to WordPress that did that and much more. It’s called “ad injection”, and you can get it for free. Just type those keywords inside your WordPress Dashboard, when you’ve clicked on Plugins → Add New.

Even though I think it’s in your best interest to get the Profits Theme, I will add a little something to make it even more attractive to you.

Buy Profits Theme Today Through This Link,
profits theme reviewand you’ll get my eBook “Fresh’n’Free Unique Content System” for free (sells here for $17), which will show you how you can get new content to your blog without using PLR, auto-blogging or other black hat tricks. Just send me your receipt, after you’ve purchased, and I’ll send you the eBook for free.

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