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Now you may find that I’m rather outdated and old-fashioned, because why in the world do I start talking about a manuel writing tool like the Montblanc Fountain Pen?

That’s because you need one. Even though you do your daily article writing or book writing on a computer, you need an a pen too, and you need a good one. Let me tell you why.

A computer is brilliant, when it comes to writing articles, books, short stories, novels, etc, but when it comes to short notes, nothing beats pen and paper.

On my desk in front of me right now, lies two Montblanc pens and a notebook. When I need to make a quick note of something, I jot it down on the paper.

Brainstorming for new articles? I put those on paper too. It’s faster and more convenient than having it on your computer screen.

A pen, yes, that makes sense, but why a Montblanc?

A Pen Is Not Just a Pen

When I met my husband many years ago, he spoke a lot about a big wish he’d always had: To own a Montblanc pen.

I had heard about them, and I knew that some crazy people were collecting them, but I’ve never seen one. On a holiday in Spain he found a Montblanc pen in a shop, but I couldn’t understand what all that fuzz was about. Why pay so much for a pen that didn’t even look pretty?

My husband was really happy about his Montblanc Fountain Pen, and I was happy on his behalf.

One day, I had to write something down here and now, and I didn’t have a pen within reach – except his Montblanc. So I grabbed it, and used it, and I totally changed my mind about this writing instrument.

Although I’ve had expensive pens before, none of them wrote in the way this pen did. It was so easy to write with it, and the ink came out of it in a nice, flowing stream, not leaving any spots in it’s trail. It was plain joy to write with this Montblanc Fountain Pen. Now I understood, why he had talked so much about it, and why he still was so happy about this pen.

He gave me one for my next birthday, and although it’s many years ago, it is still the pen I use daily. Now I have several others, among those a cute, tiny one with a notebook in my handbag, so I can always be ready to jot down an idea, when it occurs.

I feel that it’s not only easy to write me, it also inspires me to start writing. I love the sight of virgin paper, and my Montblanc, just waiting for me to come up with new article ideas, or ideas to new information products. This pen has definately made me more money than it ever costed.

See below, if you can get just as lucky.

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3 thoughts on “Montblanc Fountain Pen”

  1. Hi Britt

    Thanks for the information. I was happy to receive the EzineArticles pen a few weeks ago as it was nice to hold.

    But I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the Montblanc pen – and maybe I’ll even use the more comfortable option of ordering one online.

    Thanks for your review of this pen.

  2. Good to read about “the fundamentals”. I always liked to use a fountain pen, but… I have no ink to put in my Harley Davidson Pen. And my fathers Mont Blanc has to be repaired to function again.
    Until… I use my rotring Art Pen.

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