Review of “IM Riches Mastery” by Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin

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IM Riches Mastery by Calvin Woon and Patricia LinCalvin Woon and Patricia Lin has created a full-blown course about how to make money in the IM niche.

While many gurus go against this (while making money in the niche themselves), Calvin and Patricia states the fact that there are money to be made here, since it’s a marked filled with desperate and passionate buyers.

They seem to be right, because I went ahead and purchased the course, which consists of 17 training videos, 6 case study videos, PDF-files with the keynotes, and bonuses.

IM Riches Mastery is getting rave reviews, and right now the price is low. In fact, I thought it was a mistake at first, when I read what was included, and finally saw the price. At this moment, you can get it for $9.97, but the price may be higher, if you read this later.

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Let’s take a look at what they promise, and if they deliver on that promise.

I went back to the sales page to pick out the things, I was most interested in, but you’ll find much, much more inside the course. Here are my pickings:

What you MUST DO if you wish to excel in this industry that is VERY competitive but with still a LOT of money to be made! (module 1 – video 2)

The first thing I noticed, when I downloaded my purchase, was that everything was neatly set up with easy to distinguish groups. The three modules, however, was not called module 1, module 2 and module 3, but Foundation Building Module, Module 1, and Module 2. That’s okay with me.

Knowing this, the above info should be found in the Foundation building module, video 2. Do they deliver on their promise? Absolutely! I can’t tell more here, since it all is in the video (and the PDF), but they will tell you what you MUST do, if you want to make money in this niche.

Use our personal 9-part evaluation checklist to quickly assess the quality of EVERY single affiliate product you’re going to promote (module 2 – video 2)

Again, when you download the files, the above will correspond at module 1, video 2.

This is a great checklist. You can even check some of those things, before you pick a product to promote. Others will only be available to you, after you’ve started to promote. Calvin and Patricia warns against $37 ClickBank products, because those tend to have high refund rates. To this, I can add a great tool which will help you calculate the refund rate (or even look it up directly, if you’re a premium member). Go to CBengine, and either use the calculator (free account) or look it up inside (I strongly recommend you get a life time subscription now).

Hidden goldmines you never knew where you can find a ton of HIGH-CONVERTING affiliate programs which pays out INSTANT COMMISSIONS! (module 2 – video 3)

Several of those hidden goldmines were known to me, although I did discover a great one. Most people probably don’t know about all the others, either.

What you should include in your presell page (that will entice your web visitor to listen to you and buy through your link at your COMMAND!) (module 2 – video 6)

This video is packed with great tips that will make your pre-sell page convert. I’ve tried a few of them earlier on some of my Danish blogs, and yes, they have actually converted better than if I’d just written about a product.

Lots of interesting stuff in module 3, but especially this caught my eye:

Why I almost gave up completely on running WSOs until ONE single discovery resulted in me banking in over $81,943.45 in around 4 months just from running WSOs! (module 3 – video 7)

Oh, yes! Oh, yes! If you’re ever going to create a WSO (a Warrior Special Offer), IM Riches Mastery is a must. Even if you are never ever going to sell affiliate products, this part of the course is worth everything you’ve paid for it and then a lot more! I know I shouldn’t rave, because you’ll never believe me, if I do, but I’ve done two or three WSO’s in my time, and like Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin, I’ve nearly given it up. Especially since the price has gone up to $40.

Actually, I have made my money back on each WSO, and I’ve even gained some. Over the long run, these products still sell from my ordinary sales page, so it was not a wasted experience.

However, the tips I got from this video… they blew me away (not an easy job, considering my shape, erm…)

Besides the tips about how to run a successful WSO, you also get sound advice as “keep cool”, if you’re answering nasty comments, and that it helps having a mailing list, and that the authors “did not wake up one day to find themselves to have a huge mailing list”.

This is so true. None of the big guys in Internet Marketing were born that way. Nor did they just wake up to success. They earned it.

To Conclude

Even if you can only use bits and bites of this course, it’s worth its price many times over. I will re-view all of the videos again, and start implementing what I’ve learnt. I’m already preparing a WSO… Or rather, I’m creating a new product, but I didn’t set out to making it a WSO. Now, after having seen these videos, I dare do it. I’m even certain of at least doubling the success I had the last time I ran a WSO.

I strongly recommend that you get IM Riches Mastery. Rarely have I seen so high quality in a product, especially not for such a low price.

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  1. Hi, Am a newbie and i would like to know if the modules teaches from A-Z how to build an internet business?

    Any help rendered from you after my purchase from you when i hit problem understanding it and how to do it if am stuck?

    Thank you.

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