How A Challenge Can Help You Make Money Online

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30 day newbie challenge - make money online in 30 daysHave you ever participated in a challenge?

I do as often as my time permits, because I know that a challenge will always help me make money online. This is why and how it works:

If you’ve chosen a good challenge within your niche (say, blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.), you’ll get reminders about taking action. These reminders can come from blog posts, from other members of the community or from daily emails.

The latter is the case with the 30 Day Newbie Challenge, and you can start for free. I highly recommend that you sign up now. You can see what you’ll learn every single day of the challenge, and what tasks you have for that day.

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Why A Challenge Works Every Time

Did you know that a challenge actually can help you make a lot of money online? It is a fact that has been proven repeatedly. This is why and how it works.

Find The Right Challenge

People are arranging challenges all the time, and you pick one that seem to fit your purpose. Say, if you’re interested in learning affiliate marketing, you join a 30 day affiliate challenge. Or if you’re into email marketing, find a challenge in that area. You can also find a 30 day blogging challenge, and many others.

Why Should You Join A Challenge

When you do so, you get a digital kick in the behind, forcing you to take action. Often, you’ll receive daily reminders, either from other members of the community, or from emails send by the organizer.

However, that is far from all. A challenge can also teach you to be persistent, and to work focused and systematically.

The best challenges will give you the tools, so you can get started. You should learn your trade from the ground, and each day or week should both teach you new things and hand you step-by-step the exact tasks you have to perform.

Will A Challenge Work?

I’ve participated in several, and yes, they’ve all worked. I’ve learnt something new from every one of them, but what is more important, it taught me how to set up my daily tasks to get things done.

Earlier, I would never know from one day to the next, what I should do. Now, I plan ahead. I always have a timetable, and this is what makes me earn my living online.

I highly recommend that you join yourself, and then see how much it means to your bottom line.

What Should You Look For In A Challenge?

Don’t pick one that will leave you on your own. You need daily tutoring, and a plan, so you’ll always know which tasks you should take care of, and when to do so.

Make sure that you’re not overwhelmed with work. Pick a realistic one that will not make you work more than 2-3 hours per day. You can easily find that amount of time, just by turning off the TV, or by disallowing yourself to use Facebook and email, while you’re working.

If you want a challenge that can help you make money as fast as possible, you should go for one that teaches you about affiliate marketing. This is not only a short term solution. It’s a fact that the top ten affiliates on ClickBank make more than the top ten product vendors.

Join The 30 Day Challenge

This challenge has all you need. It’s for newbies, so you’ll learn all the tools, step-by-step. You’ll get daily emails, and you’ll know exactly what tasks that are due for that day.

Obviously, you can follow your own pace, but I recommend that you try to keep up. After all — this is what a challenge is for, isn’t it?

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