Writing Articles Or eBooks? How To Know When A Sentence Is Too Long

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If you’re writing articles or eBooks, you probably want your readers to follow through till the end. One of the tricks is to write short, easily read sentences.

However sometimes you need to convey a lot of facts, and if it’s all connected, you might be tempted to put it all in one sentence. And hope that it’ll still be short enough to be a nice read.

There is a test, you can do. It’s foolproof and easy to perform.

Give your copy the breath test

By Bob Bly

Short sentences are easier to read than long sentences. But how long is too long for a sentence?

To determine maximum sentence length, use the “breath test.” Without taking in a gulp of air, and just with the amount of air you ordinarily have in your lungs, read the sentence aloud at a

normal conversational speed and volume.

If you run out of breath before you get to the end, the sentence is too long. Solution: Break it into two sentences at a point where a new idea is introduced.

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