[6/6] ESP (Autoresponder) WHAT? Britt doesn’t use this one?

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In this series about ESPs (Email Service Providers), I’ve recommended 5 ESPs I either use or have used. The best. But this last one?

Here is the list:

Last one on the list is Birdsend, and I don’t use it.

A girl can only use so many autoresponders, right? And since I already had NuevoMailer, Sendy, ConvertKit, MailerLite and AWeber… I skipped Birdsend.

Why do I recommend it then?

First, I’ve only heard good about it from users. They swear to it. People who send emails every day.

Second, I know the creator.

It’s Welly Mulia and I’ve known him since he created Profits Theme decades ago. He went on to create Zaxaa which I used as my payment portals for years.

He makes good, solid products.

Besides… it’s definitely affordable.

But… I heard from my ex (I sent him my affiliate link when he looked for a new ESP) that they don’t have lists, only tags. So if that’s a problem for you, don’t pick Birdsend.

And their system didn’t accept import of addresses with a plus in it, like name+malka@gmail.com.

Some people use it to track where they signed up for a list.

Any autoresponder should accept that. But Birdsend doesn’t at the moment.

If that’s not a problem with you, then it has all go and green lights. You can use it for 7 days to try it out.

Click here ==> https://clq.cx/birdsend

And this concludes my series about the only 6 ESPs (autoresponders) I recommend.

Did my series help you? Or couldn’t you care less?

Please let me know.

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