[4/6] ESP – I love systems (autoresponder)

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I couldn’t run my solo-preneur business without an autoresponder.

And I couldn’t run it without systems, either. Systems make it easy for me for example to use an affiliate link. Here’s my system:

  • I have a URL shortener.
  • I use a code I can remember.

That’s my whole system for affiliate links.

But let’s go on with this series about ESPs – Email Service Providers.

We’ve reached MailerLite, which for a long time was my favorite.

Then I renewed for another year, and they changed things. Typical, right? I ended up mostly leaving them with six months of subscription left.

Let’s take the good stuff first.

They are affordable. They have good deliverability (emails reaches their goal). They are easy to use.

You can do a lot of segmenting and you can find out who clicks links in, say, minimum 10% of your emails.

This makes it easy to find active users. (I no longer use open rates because it’s not reliable.)

Many payment portals offer a direct connection to MailerLite, which makes it easy to use. They used to have the best service on the market.

Then that part got taken over by A-robots (no I in those) which made it hard to reach human support.

Also, there’s the thing about them not accepting affiliate marketing. But their view of affiliate marketing is vague. According to people higher up in the hierarchy, it means spamming with unrelated products.

According to some of their supporters, it’s everything that isn’t your own.


And you can only send HTML emails. Not clean txt.

When people ask me today, they are not my number 1 recommendation choice. They are my number 6.

That said, you can check them out for free and keep using them for free with limitations.

That’s definitely a good thing. Make sure you have a finished website before you sign up. They don’t accept work-in-progress.

If you want to try MailerLite, here’s your link…

==> https://clq.cx/mailerlite

When you use my link, you get $20 credit for MailerLite.

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