[3/6] The ESP in the room (Autoresponder)

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Today, you’ll learn about the third Email Service Provider (ESP).

And isn’t it just the fanciest coincidence that I’ve had affiliate links to them all so far? Nah. No coincidence.

Except for Birdsend, I got the autoresponder first, liked it and got the link.

That dealt with the elephant in the room.

Let’s repeat the list. You will eventually find all of the emails about them in the archive (see bottom of email).


If money was not a problem, and I had only one choice of ESP, I would:

  • Choose ConvertKit
  • Buy the owner out
  • Improve ConvertKit

In many ways I like this ESP. Let’s call it CK from now on in this email. In real life, where money is an issue, I left CK with several months left that I had paid for.

I didn’t have enough control.

If you like to do things like weed out subscribers who don’t click… with the account I had, couldn’t do it.

I think that with the more expensive ones you can.

If you’re not into micro-controlling (ahem, I probably shouldn’t be either) then CK is the best choice.

But not the cheapest.

You can test it for free. You can go up to 1,000 subscribers without paying. A free account has limitations, though.

Automated email sequences and all kinds of fun stuff…

For that you need at least a Creator account.

There are many advantages when you use CK. It’s easy to use. You can segment and do really clever things.

And if you use Gumroad it’s an easy integration.

It allows you to send new customers directly to CK. Without using tools like Zapier.

Their service is… so so and up and down. You can get lucky with support.

You can also find a complete moron.

But like I said in the first email in this series: There is no perfect ESP.

CK is great. You should check it out if you haven’t tried it. You’ll find their prices and features on their site.

And you can sign up for free here: https://clq.cx/convertkit

Now this perfectly honest opinion about CK may not get me many sales… I’m sorry. It is a good ESP, though, and you may like it.

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