[2/6] ESP – Which autoresponder is best for you?

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This week, I’ll share 6 autoresponders with you.

I’ll tell you the good and the bad about them, so you can make an educated choice. And if you already have one, maybe this can inspire you to look at others.

Here’s the list I’ll go through. I picked those because I’m using or have used 5 of them. The last one is one everybody says is good.


When I sent my first emails in 2003, I didn’t know AWeber existed.

After having used my ordinary email program and some McGyver scripts and a couple of self-hosted bad scripts, I switched to AWeber and stayed there for years.

Besides NuevoMailer (which I wrote about yesterday) it’s the only autoresponder I know of that can send real text only messages.

Others make it look like text, but it’s really HTML.

AWeber can send in HTML, too, obviously, and will offer you opt-in forms, email templates and more.

AWeber is not expensive and you can even get a trial version, which is what I have right now. I wanted to test them again. They are among the oldest in business (founded in 1998).

I’ve heard users complain about emails that don’t get send. And subscribers getting deleted when two persons created a product together and both wanted the subscribers. But even those users swear their loyalty to AWeber.

You can try them for free through my link here: https://clq.cx/aweber

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