[1/6] ESP (Autoresponder) Your most important biz choice

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You can’t linger on this one.

You MUST make a choice. And fast. But still a calculated choice.

In this week, I’ll tell you about ESP.

Nope… Not Extrasensory Perception (which I thought the first time I read ESP) but Email Service Providers. Also known as ARs – Auto Responders.

You can use Gumroad’s to start.

But very soon, you’ll need a real one. A better one. I recommend 6 different ones.

They each have their pros and cons… I haven’t found a perfect one yet. So I’ll let you decide which to choose.

But I highly recommend you pick one of those six.


NuevoMailer is the AR I’m sending most of my emails with.

The one you’re reading right now for example. It’s a self-hosted autoresponder, and the most powerful of all six. It may also be the hardest to use.

Not because you need to install it – because you can have the programmer do that for you.

But because some of its many, many features will require you to use codes.

NuevoMailer (NVM among friends) is for geeks only. At least at this point. That’s the main con.


There are many. One is that it can send in txt only. Like this email.

The advantage of sending in txt only is that it’s easily readable on all platforms. Mobile phones, check. Tablets, check.

Even on a good ol’ fashioned computer with a good ol’ fashioned email program.

It also has much better deliverability.

Other pros are that you can segment your heart out.

You can send the same email to all your subscribers, but have different links in them. Or different call to actions. And obviously use HTML as well.

You can send broad-casts and autoresponder sequences.

If there’s something you cannot do, suggest it. The programmer, Panos, is extremely open to suggestions. And always very helpful.

I love that personal contact.

There are many reasons why I chose NuevoMailer. Price is one of them, but not the main one. But I can now send thousands of emails per month and pay only $1.50.

If you think you can handle self-hosted, then I have found no better than NVM.

You can check out its features and everything here: https://clq.cx/nvm

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