From dogs and drunkards…

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In Denmark there’s a saying:

"From kids and drunkards, you’ll hear the truth." In my home, that goes for dogs as well. At least when it comes to Nefnef.

Stay with me because as always Nefnef has a marketing message to share.

If you don’t know my dog yet, here’s a short description:

Nefnef is a 9-year-old Shikoku who loves cats. She’s talkative and knows what she wants. And a lot of the time that means ordering me to go to the balcony with her.

When we walk to the park, she’s talking a lot.

She uses sounds and syllables that simulate words.

Before we go, she will say "Nefnef collar on" and she only says it in the entrance and only before we go.

When we’re out, she’ll say "Nefnef see cat." A lot.

In fact, all her sentences starts with something that sounds like "Nifnaf." Nifnaf this, Nifnaf that.

What can you learn from that?

The truth is that when you’re writing something, your reader, just like Nefnef, thinks: What’s in it for me?

How can this make me money or save my time?

Where’s the CAT? (Oops, sorry, Nefnef channeled me there.)

In other words: your reader will always think: What’s in it for me. (WIIFM)

You can share your stories (and you should) and let the reader learn a relevant lesson from your story.

Or you can inspire him with your story.

When you keep WIIFM in mind, you’ll keep a healthy business.

Speaking of business… in a couple of days I have a surprise for you that can help you build your business.

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