A wonderful lady would have been 120 years today

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I think of her this day every year.

My grandmother was born May 19, 1903. She would have turned 120 years today and I wish she was still here.

I wish she’d met my children and they’d met her.

I wish she could have chatted with Nefnef and enjoyed a vacation in Israel, which, in many ways, reminds me of her beloved Italy.

My grandmother lived and died in Denmark, but she went on vacation to Italy twice a year.

She was the most positive person I knew. Never spoke a bad word about anyone, not even her ex. Yes, she raised 3 kids as a single mother because her ex spend his wages on alcohol.

She was most unusual and the person I loved the most until I had kids.

My grandmother went to school only every second day. And yet, she learned how to speak Italian as an adult and even made a German pen friend on one of her vacations.

I was the last person to see her alive and I never said goodbye to her.

I visited her in the evening October 9, 1977. She followed me to the bus and we saw it coming. "There’s your bus," she said. "Run."

I had a long way home and missing the bus could mean an hour’s extra delay. So I ran.

I still wish I’d stayed and given her a long hug.

But alas… it’s impossible to change the past. You can only change your future with your actions today.

Here’s to my funny, wonderful grandmother who lives on in my memory and sometimes even in my dreams.

PS And here’s to you if you want to change your future.

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