It’s Nefnef’s birthday today

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I had no idea it could be possible…

… to spoil her even more than usual. But yes, here we are with teddy number 11, a special treat and a little heavy cream for breakfast.

She’s nine years old today.

When people here ask me who old she is, and when I reply, they either ask, "Months?" or repeat my "Years?" in a surprised way.

And yeah, she’s like a puppy. Loves her teddies. Loves to meet new cats. And loves chatting about Nefnef and cats.

She loves it when we go to the balcony together and look for cats.

Very often, though, I need to go back inside and I tell her, "Mom’s gotta write. Otherwise I won’t have money for doggy foot."

She pretends to understand.

But only until next time she nags me to go to the balcony with her.

Writing matters, though

Since 1995, I’ve made my living thanks to words I’ve either said or written. Mostly written.

All those years of writing have taught me two things:

  1. You write better when you write and learn (not just one without the other)
  2. You either keep learning or stop writing

As a writer, there’s no such thing as "Now I know it all. I can’t get any better."

You keep learning for as long as you live, breathe and write.

That’s why I joined Ship 30 for 30

These guys, Dickie and Cole, have found a way to swing a magic wand over words and turn them into dollars.

Not just for themselves, but for people, normal people like you and me, who joined their cohorts.

So not only does their method make writing easier and more fun. It’s also a healthy investment in yourself and your future.

Some would say "hefty" too…

But if you think about what you can gain from it, it’s really not.

Look at Michael Greenberg for example. He’d already invested thousands of dollars in courses when he joined Ship 30 for 30.

And he made over $60,000 because of Ship 30. Plus made lifelong friendships.

That’s a huge return on your investment!

Worth a lot of doggy food and teddies, I would say.

I’ll leave you with my link plus a discount code they didn’t tell me about, but which I discovered… Sneaky, yes, and now I’m sharing it with you. Use it while it’s working.


Use this code at checkout: CT100

Hope to see you inside the cohort.

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