My biggest writing mistake

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Don’t make the same one.

And it’s not just that I made that mistake. It’s that I did it more than once. With a high price every time.

So what did I do?

I waited…

You know the excitement you get when you invest in a new course (eBook or cohort)? Well… I used that as a reason (or excuse if you like) to wait. I wanted to know more before I continued to write.

Sure, after the course, I knew more. But did that make it worth it to take a break?

Absolutely not. Because taking a long break meant that I got out of the good habit of writing that particular kind of writing. (Fiction, in my case.)

Right now I’m soooo eager to start the next Ship 30 for 30 cohort. It starts July 9th.

From that date plus 30 days, I’ll be so much better at writing:

  • tweets on Twitter
  • articles on Medium
  • even eBooks and courses

But it would be a mistake to stop writing and wait…

So I’m writing and waiting. I’m not making the mistake this time.

What do you say?

If you had signed up for Ship 30 for 30 and was on your way to write better and make more money with your words, would you wait?

Or would you keep writing, just knowing that soon you’d be much better?

But that it would still be worth it to get your words out there to make money for you?

Please let me know.

And if you’re like me…

  • passionate about writing
  • wanting to make money by helping people
  • wanting to combine the 2: writing and helping

Then sign up for the next cohort here:


Ooh… and use this secret code to save $100: CT100

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