Oh my, how I needed $200

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Remember Ezine Articles?

Technically, they still exist. Their site is up, at least, but you cannot login.

But back 15 years ago, they were big.

You had to write articles and post them there to get traffic. And if you wrote the articles the right way and had the right kind of bio at the end, you could get lots of targeted traffic.

Look, I even became a Diamond Level Expert Author, haha.

Obviously, writing and getting the bio right was a question of trial and error… or doing a shortcut by getting help from someone who’d done all the trial and error.

For me, that someone was the Article Guy.

And he had an awesome offer that weekend. I still remember it:

Get access to all his templates for $200.


Only problem was that I didn’t have $200 extra.

I walked around in my office, wringing my hands, trying to come up with a way to make $200 fast. Within two days fast.

Have you ever been in such a situation?

This wasn’t a question of not paying the rent or getting expelled or anything. But I really, really, REALLY wanted those templates.

I saw myself writing many more articles, getting a lot more traffic and making much more money. If only I had those templates.

I NEEDED them. Badly.

Finally, I had an idea.

So I sat down and wrote an email to my list. I told them about my urgent need, haha.

And I gave them an offer they couldn’t resist: a bundle of my previous info products and courses at a discount. Only available for a very limited time.

I had my money before the Article Guy’s offer ended, paid, got the templates and lived happily ever after.

At least on Ezine Articles. 😄

And yes, they brought in a lot of traffic.

Today, Ezine Articles no longer works, but there’s another place that does.

So you actually only need to:

  • create an eBook
  • use that place to get traffic
  • build your list and sell your eBook

What if you could do that in, say, 10 days?

What if two weeks from now, you had something to show the world with a pay-button on it?

Well, now you can:

==> https://malka.thrivecart.com/10-day/

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