Arguing with My Dog

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I would NEVER have accepted such behavior from my kids.

And I looked down on people who couldn’t control their dogs.

"It’s just a manner of being strict," I said.

"You have to tell them who is the boss," I said.

Until I got Nefnef.

From day one, she knew what she wanted and she got it.

When she sat on my lap in the train, she wanted my ice tea (there were no bottled water in the train station), so I had to give up.

And give-up became my middle name.

"No, Nefnef, we’re not going to the balcony now."

"Nefnef, I said NO."

"Okay, then, but just 10 minutes, okay?"

Of course it always ended up being one hour, but yesterday, I got her attention.

She sat next to me while I wrote my daily email and as usual, she scratched my arm.

"No, Nefnef. Not now. Mom needs to write this email, otherwise I don’t have money to pay for your dog food."

(It was exaggerated, but what do you do to convince your dog? You need solid arguments, right?)

She looked at me for a second, then sighed and went to her pillow bed under my table.


For the first time in soon nine years, Nefnef had understood and she’d given up.

Oh, wow, what a miracle.

There was some truth to what I told her, though. Sure, her dog food didn’t depend on me sending an email.

But my income does.

Obviously, I’m spreading my eggs into more than one basket, but my main income derives from emails.

And I’m not alone.

Because making money writing emails and creating info products is surely the most pleasant and most lazy way to make a living.

In the case of Tony Shepherd even a highly comfortable living…

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