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Do your eyes look like this 🙄 when another guru tells you how he can push a button (aka send an email) and make another $1,000?

If you go, "That’s easy for him to say. I don’t have several hundred thousands subscribers," I don’t blame you.

Which is why I love Tony Shepherd’s new share.

It’s called "The Email That Never Fails To Bring Me $1000 Or More.. ..Every Time I Send It Out!"

Easy for him to say, because he has a list.

This is not about Tony or his list.

It’s about you and how you can use this, even if you don’t have a list… yet.

In fact, don’t worry if you don’t have a list. This will help you hit the ground running instead of stumbling like a toddler.

This guide is a pearl. But the price point isn’t half bad either.


PS Check Tony’s daily schedule on page 13. GOLD in itself… That’s how you should organize your day.

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