Go easy on the benefits

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That one shocked me.

A couple of days ago, I listened to a webinar with Dino, founder of Masterclass 24/7, and Joshua Lisec, master at Hypnowriting.

I have Joshua’s Hypno Writing Bundle ($399). And yet, I learned so much from listening to that webinar while cooking.

Perhaps the most surprising one was learning that amateur copywriters (which includes email marketers and people who write on social media) make one major mistake:

They focus on benefits.

I went, “WHAT? Aren’t we supposed to do that?”

Nope. Not if we do it wrong, which the majority does.

It all made sense when I heard what Joshua had to say about this point.

That webinar is only one out of 45, with one new added every month.

Besides the webinar, there are also “spaces,” which are audio files for those of us who are serious about making money online. One new will be added every week.

Plus there are quarterly newsletters with all kinds of tips for money-makers.

Plus roadmaps and mini courses.

Plus an awesome community which you can join or not. It’s up to you. I learn a lot in there, and it’s always wonderful to have someone to ask questions.

If you thought this was all about Twitter, I have to tell you: it’s not.

It’s much, much more.

It’s $29 per month to join and participate and get all the goodies.

Or right now, you can choose to save 50% and get one year for only $174.

You have two days to make up your mind: https://clq.cx/masterclass247

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