Can’t do brain-dead boring stuff unless…

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Do you ever get the feeling that your brain just touched poison ivy?

I do.

Whenever I’m faced with:

🤯 A user-guide
🤯 Doing brain-dead boring stuff

Sadly, among the latter I file things like:

💤 Vacuuming
💤 Farming herbs and ore in World of Warcraft
💤 Cooking for hours (or waiting 1:34 minutes for a pancake to bake)

Oh, the joys of having ADHD. 🤣

These things are necessary, though.

And I’ve found my way around doing it and keeping brain-peace.

The cure? Listen to something interesting while doing the tedious stuff.

So the last few days, I’ve binge-listened to webinars. (Gumroad has an app for your phone.)

I have a bunch of courses like this:

  • Joshua Lisec – Hypnowriting – How to Get People to Buy Your Sh*t (This guy sells his courses for $97 and up)
  • Chris Do – How to Make MORE Money Online (Didn’t know him before, but oh wow!)
  • Justin Welsh – Systematize Your Content (I would never survive without systems and this one came with a Notion template and lots of inspiration, yay)

These three are only 1/15 of what I have access to. All valuable courses that would cost around $50-$200 each.

Even though I have laundry folding and other household tasks enough for many hours of listening, I don’t have that kind of money floating around.

Which brings me to the solution to that problem.

More than a year ago, I found a membership that cost only $29 per month.

It included:

  • Binge worthy webinars
  • Audio recordings
  • EBooks
  • Community
  • Gifts
  • Live events

It quickly became one of my few must-keep memberships.

And it got better. The creator of this membership made an offer. $225 for a year. I grabbed it.

Money saved is just as good as money made, right?

And this week (until Saturday noon EST) it’s even better.

You can get one year’s membership for only $174.

The amount of value you get for this is insane. And the library it’s growing every month.

Imagine all the laundry you can get folded.

Imagine all the money you can make from what you learn.

You have three days:

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