“May I?”

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Precisely 15 minutes after I sent my email yesterday, I got a question.

My subscriber asked:

“May I promote this for you as an affiliate?”

That’s the kind of questions that makes my heart swell with happiness.

I wanted to hug that subscriber (who’s also a friend) and call him Bob.

But I behaved myself for once…

“Bob” wanted to promote my “How to Show, Don’t Tell in Emails… and When to Tell.”

And yes, that’s possible.

I love it when customers love my courses so much that they want to share with others.

You’re always welcome to ask me the same question.

And if you want to learn more about how to tell in a way that pulls the reader into your email world…

Then go get this: https://malka.thrivecart.com/show-dont-tell-in-emails/

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