Only if you hate tedious online tasks

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If you don’t mind them, then just ignore this post.

Not for you.

If you’re like me and it takes you forever to do a repetitious online task, because:

  • First you need to set yourself up for it
  • Then you go through the boredom, slowly because OMGOSH it’s horrible!
  • Then you need time afterwards to tell others about how horrible it was
  • Then you’ll need some comfort food to get over it and because you feel pity for yourself…


If that description fits you, you love automation as much as I do.

It’s a lifesaver.

I avoid boring stuff.

Which, most of time, includes emails from AppSumo.

Back when Neville Medhora wrote them, I always read them and enjoyed it.

Now? Nope. Boring. Lots of different products in the same email. Each described with a few boring lines of text.

So I nearly missed another potential goodie:


That little thingie lets you create TaskBots that can do a lot of online stuff.

I could use it to open and log into my blogs, one by one, and make sure they are updated. I use auto-update, but every week there are plugins or themes that aren’t update.

And that can mean disaster! I’ve been there, tried that and wasted months’ work because my blog was hacked.

Blogs MUST be updated at least weekly.

And with one TaskBot, I could let that happen in the background.

I see many possibilites and people are raving about their service.

Maybe it’s worth it for you? It’s ending in 5 days, so it’s now or never.


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