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You’ll want this link in a moment: http://malka.im/e/viberspy

If my beloved grand-mother had still lived, she would have celebrated her 110 year’s birthday today.

She had an awesome sense of humor…

One sunny Spring day in Denmark, when we left the bus at our stop, a crazy old lady looked at my grandmother, who weren’t wearing any nylons, shook her head and said:

Oh, such old legs. Such old legs.

We laughed a lot about that.

Well, it’s true, my grand-mother was in her early seventies, and her legs as well. The same legs were known as being unable to catch pigs…

She was an awesome lady…

She died when I was 17, and I still miss her very much.

But I have plenty of great memories about her.

  1. How to Archive Your List Mails
  2. Scared Away From Taking Action?
  3. Site Gone? Find the Cached Version
  4. Funny Stuff
  5. Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

How to Archive Your List Mails

The more content you put out there, the more chances you have of being found by people.

That’s true, isn’t it?

So what are you doing about the mails you send out, if you have a mailing list?

If you’re on AWeber, they can archive your mails for you, so they get indexed and can be searched for.

But other auto-responder services might not have it. And I’ll be leaving AWeber soon, after six years, because of their horrible new editor, so I’m going to need an alternative myself.

You can obviously copy and paste your content to your blog. That’s what I do, also.

But there’s an easier alternative.

I should actually ask you money for this tip, not because I want your money, but so that you can see the value in it 🙂

However, here it is, yours for free:

It’s a one time operation, which takes a few minutes, and then you’re set.

This mail archive is very old, and it’s normally ranking very well.

You can find it here, as well as instructions on how to use it: http://www.mail-archive.com/

P.S. If you search for my name there, you’ll see that I’ve been using it at least since 2002.

Scared Away From Taking Action?

Did you read about all those locked lenses on Squidoo lately?

So many good lensmasters lost their lenses and income from it.

I even had a tutorial lens locked, for crying out loud!

A normal reaction would be to shy away from building new lenses on Squidoo – wait until the storm has passed and hope to scrape enough driftwood together to build a raft that can float.

I don’t blame you if you’re one of those who bought products involving Squidoo and then haven’t taken action yet, because you got scared away.

That’s a pity, and I don’t think you should let Squidoo hold that power over you.

There are several alternatives. None is perfect – but then Squidoo wasn’t either – but they can all help you grow your business.

For short text without affiliate links, I recommend Bubblews => http://malka.im/e/bubblews

For several posts about the same topic, and you know it works, I recommend building your own authority blog.

And for those single posts about the odd topic, I recommend SirGo => http://malka.im/e/sirgo

What I really love about them is their simple rules.

However, I wanted to make sure I got it all right, so I wrote to them and got an answer seven minutes later. (Anybody who have ever written to Squidoo in hope of an answer knows how fast THIS is in comparison.)

This is the answer I got:

Hi Britt,

Thanks for asking about the rules.

Please refer to the answers below:

Does this mean that we are allowed to:

link to affiliate products on ClickBank?


use our own Amazon links?

Yes. SirGo has a 50/50 rotation for Amazon links. So, when you add your links to your code, you will see our id, which is thehomewhi–20, and your id alternate back and forth. We are going to be providing ways to increase the rotation percentage in the near future. But this is the way it works now.

put 10 Amazon links in a post, if we want to? (I’m not saying it’s necessarily good, but I would like to know)?




I liked that 🙂

Only a few rules, fast replies to questions, and a polite tone of voice.

If you use only your own content, and you don’t spam (who would want that? spam only sells to one in million), then you’re good.

Oh, somebody even wrote that his posts on SirGo were indexed faster than his former locked lens on Squidoo.

So sign up now while this is fresh in your mind: http://malka.im/e/sirgo

Site Gone? Find the Cached Version

You’ve probably experienced looking for a site that was gone for some reason.

It could be a locked Squidoo lens… or just a domain that was down, or any other reason for why sites or posts are unavailable once in a while.

I’ve often used Google’s cache to dig up such a site, but then you’d have to know how to search for it in the first place to be able to find Google’s cache.

There’s a shortcut to that…

You can look up the site on http://www.cachedpages.com/

Actually, it’s better than the Google cache, because it doesn’t rely only on Google. You’ll find two other sources, which is very helpful when it comes to sites that has changed or disappeared a long time ago.

No more whining or tearing your hair out, when you cannot find a site that’s gone. Just go to CachedPages, and you’re good 🙂

Funny Stuff

How to pack a cat for shipping…


Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

How to Turn Visitors Into Buyers

You’ve probably already learned that traffic isn’t everything.

In fact, it’s what you do with your traffic that matters.

So if you’ve sent plenty of visitors to a blog or lens, and made no sales, you’re probably thinking:


Why aren’t people buying or clicking my ads? Why aren’t they taking action?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually SEE for yourself, what your visitors did on your blog?

If you could spot the problems they had?

Or what content they skipped?

Or how far they read?

I’ve been testing a plugin that does exactly that.

And I watched a poor man watching 16 seconds of my menu only, because he used an iPhone, and on that blog I’d forgotten to add a mobile theme.

I also saw a spammer leave a comment, and after that I could make life more difficult for other spammers.

And I noticed that some people only read as far as the beginning of a review post, so I put an extra link to the product up there and made more sales.

I suggest you grab this plugin: http://malka.im/e/viberspy

It’s a dime-sale, so the sooner you get there, the lower the price. (It’s not that high at any rate.)

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. See what your visitors are doing => http://malka.im/e/viberspy

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