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Wealthy AffiliateIt’s now been 10 days, since I joined the Wealthy Affiliate University, and as promised, here’s a short review of this membership site. I might add more later, when I know more, and when I – hopefully – have made extra money because of this membership.

The first night, I didn’t go to bed, because there was just so much to read and explore 😀

Take a look at this little video, which will show you some of the things you will find insite. I forgot to tell something, and I’ll add them below.

Rapid Writer – I forgot to mention that there are several hundred PLR articles available, if you want to spin them and use them yourself.

Training Center – I also forgot to tell that you have tutorials in HTML format, or as videos.

Forum – Somebody wrote the following on the forum:

The forum alone here at WA worth’s far much more than the monthly fee. You cannot find a better deal anywhere on the Internet.

Andrew Moss – on (member for 5 months and continuing)

IMPORTANT – I stupidly forgot to mention that price will go up JuinJune 7th. Nobody knows how much, but two years ago, the price went up from $29 per month to $39. When you first have joined, your price is locket. So if you join before Juin 7th, you’ll not pay more than $39 per month, no matter what the price ends up being. Oh, and if you pay for one year instead of monthly, your price gets down at around $29 per month. This is what I aim at doing myself.

Join now through my affiliate link (obviously, doh), and please add me as your buddy 🙂 →

P.S. I keep adding to this post, I know, but here I was… reading on the WA forum again, when I saw somebody asking a simple question: “Where can I find PLR?” – You would probably have thought that he would receive a simple answer to such a question, wouldn’t you? A URL or a name of a site to go to.

Wrong! He got a perfect answer, telling him that in this case (maybe all?) PLR wasn’t the solution. And then the forum poster told him, step-by-step, what to do, and how to create not only the bonus, the high-quality bonus, he wanted to give away, but also his own product to sell on ClickBank or elsewhere.

When I told my husband about this recent example he said: You really like that place, don’t you? I have seldom seen you that excited about a product.

And yeah, I guess I am. I really am.

Mastermind Groups

Did I promise to stop writing on this post? I hope not, because here I go again.

I’m reading a long thread back from November 24, 2007. It’s written by Nick (Spider), who states that he will earn $250 per day before July, or he’ll quit doing Internet Marketing.

If you’re curious about whether or not he reaches his goal, I can only tell you for now that in February he made more than $80 daily, which amounts to $2,500 per month.

But that is not the most important part.

The most important thing here to understand is that you need sparring partners.

Nick had a plan. Not exactly true, but as the first step on his way to reaching his goal, he came up with a plan, and he shared it with the rest of the WA forum. He started out by saying that he would write daily, and he would write about everything he did, like how he researched, what niches he came up with, etc., and he wanted input on this. Not “oh, great, Nick, you’re the man, man”, but more like “what the hell are you doing that for?”

Nick creates an open Mastermind Group here, and he gets lots of sparring partners.

He wrote something that hit me, and this is an important quote:

Postby Spider on Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:47 am

Hey thanks for the encouragement guys!

I’m working on setting up a bunch of vlans at a local school district tonight (computer junk). I would much rather be getting my first bit of market research done, but that is life. Tomorrow will be here soon and I can get to cracking.

Also – I forgot to mention in my post above.

Lately, I started thinking about what makes a successful online marketer and why am I not one.

One commonality I found in several people that bank good money here at WA is they post on the forum a ton! Seriously – go check the people making bank in the success section and look at their post counts… At the same time, I would bet that those with low post count that are very succesful still lurk in the forum a TON… (again just a hunch though)

Coincidence…? I think not.

Now you could say that it is because they have more free time than the other guys, but I think it’s just because they know that by immersing themselves in online marketing (in a good community) they will not only get to help people (which feels great), but also will help them hone their skills as marketers at the same time.

I have also noticed that I do MUCH better with my online marketing when I am involved in WA vs. when I never login.

So the point is – mimic those achieving what you “want” to accomplish…

My highlights, and they are important. If you hang out with the right guys, it will make the world of a difference for you. And on that forum, you can feel the creative juices flow. People THINK money making ideas. They ARE money making ideas. You’ll find people like Travis from BUM marketing there (he’s very active, and a BRILLIANT writer). The same goes for PotPieGirl that has made one of the most significant posts in that forum.

Okay, I’ll stop here for now and go back to reading this thread. Remember, join before JuinJune 7 to save money: Wealthy Affiliate University

Update: I just learned about the price increase, and although I cannot reveal the new price before JuinJune, I can tell you that it’s significant. Their reasoning being that if the membership is too cheap, people will not see its value, and will not take action.

Latest update: The price will be $97.

Well, I get their point, but on the other hand, I probably wouldn’t have dared entering for the new price, while I didn’t spend much time elaborating at the old price.

If you’re a skinflint, like me, I would advice on getting access now. Your price will then remain the same old, no matter how much it goes up for others.

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  1. Juin? I liked that one. Non-french speaking might not know that is June. 😉
    But thanks for a good article. Just waiting for funds, and then I might join. Good work.

  2. Thanks, Henrik 🙂 Three times had I written “Juin”, and then a fourth time in my Tweet. Now they are all corrected 😉

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