Imagine no courses, no eBooks… and yet making money online

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Welcome to my world.

We had moved to France in 2000 with two kids.

We had secured enough income to pay for our rented house and other expenses.

When we opened that French bottle of wine the first night, and the “pop” from the cork echoed in our empty house, we were happy.

Then the problems arrived.

Long story short, our modem failed and cost us the equivalence of 4 months rent.

The job we had… gone. Nothing.

The income they owed us in Denmark, haha, yeah, that was a joke. We never saw a Danish crown.

And my French… Excuse me. Not even the natives could find a job in France, so I didn’t even try.

Instead, I went online.

Back then, there were no courses, no eBooks, nothing to help you get started.

I clawed my way through trial and error. Picked up things I liked and that worked on the way.

And I began writing books for a Danish publishing house. Only one published the first year, though, and only payouts of royalties twice a year. So that didn’t fix our problem.

When I finally figured it out, word got around.

I was interviewed for Danish Radio and later for Danish television.

It was fun.

I figured out that others were interested in making money online as well, so I created a course. One that made them money the first month.

I called it QuickSilver.

I still have a friend from that time. He found my book about making money online in a book store and joined my list.

All that to say that I didn’t start out in the money-online niche. I came to it because I made money and others wanted to learn from me.

Over the years I’ve tried many things. Some of these, I’m still doing, like email marketing and info product creations.

Some I’ve tried several times. Made good money with it, but somehow I can’t stick to it.

And here’s where you enter the picture… Maybe.

I’m retiring a lot of older products and my newish PLR site.

Creating PLR can be a gold-mine, but after three tries, I give up. It’s not for me.

It includes:

Domain name: – evaluated at $450 for the domain alone at GoDaddy.

Sales page with special design by his Excelence Arun Chandran (and it’s brilliant)

Full rights to my Balcony PLR bundle and upsell.

They converted at 12% and made $843.00 in sales:

Domain name:

NO AI was involved in the creation.

If you’re interested, you can check it here

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