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Hi there 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

Do you ever join webinars?

I rarely do – only if I’ve paid for them.

But last night I made an exception and went to one that sounded promising.


They never touched what they had promised in the title. In fact, it was nothing more than a sales page read aloud with a few tips at the beginning, and after 40 minutes the real product that you could buy for $1,500.

I got the feeling afterwards that I should have known better.

Too bad, though.

But now it’s weekend and time to relax.

  1. How to Create a Product
  2. Procrastinate Now!
  3. Friday Fun Farts?
  4. Funny Stuff
  5. Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

How to Create a Product

I’ve continued my review of “Project Meteor Shower” (

Last night, I went through several videos.

The first I saw was called “Product Creation”, and I learned some great tips there.

Jonathan Green talks about this in general. He doesn’t tell you: write 7 pages with 70 chars per line, or something like that.

You can use this information, no matter if you choose to write an e-book, do a video course, or whatever you decide.

If you want specific information about how to write information material, I recommend John Schwartz’s book:

I also watched his video about outsourcing, although there’s very little I would want to outsource, when it comes to product creation. He agrees with me 😀 He would rarely outsource writing the product itself.

Then I watched his video about Upsells, and how they are better than OTOs. He gives different examples of upsells and mention what you should have as minimum.

I also learned an interesting fact about webinars – only 10% show up, he says.

In “Keys to Success” the biggest takeaway is to admit your weakness (and what to do about it so you succeed).

Then I watched his video about membership sites – that’s always interesting to learn more about.

In “Product Pricing” I learned some valuable tips.

Isn’t this always difficult to do?

How do you know what price you should ask for your product?

Well, after having watched this video, I know how to come up with my best shot at a price. Only time and testing will tell if I’m right, of course.

I still have a lot of videos to watch about the prelaunch and stuff, and he also covers all the technical issues in a series of videos.

This course was originally meant to be a very high-priced course ($1,000 as far as I remember), and you can see why, when you see the number of videos and the content.

So far, the only things I haven’t liked is that you don’t get transcripts, and that the sound is bad.

I still really like the content.

If you’re interested in product creation, take a look here:

Procrastinate Now!

This was a joke I read (my husband sent it to me), but I actually like it.

I shared it with my friend Mike yesterday, and he liked it too. He said:

If you make procrastination the most important task of the day, one out of two things might happen:

1: You finish the task and feel good, because you did today’s task.

2: You do something else, because procrastinating becomes boring and thus get on with the real project.


I love it when my friends like my ideas 😉

Friday Fun Farts?

If you want to teach your readers NOT to scroll past your brilliant content, then maybe you should install this JavaScript?


Well, Joel Comm made a fortune with his iFart app, so some people find this funny.

Me, personally, I wouldn’t do it, but well, it’s Friday, so I thought I would show you anyway.

Funny Stuff

Dog’s Diary – Cat’s Diary

Oh, and please “like” that page 😀

You can also see a real cereal killer here:

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

How to watch your visitors’ actions and learn

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually SEE for yourself, what your visitors did on your blog?

If you could spot the problems they had?

Or what content they skipped?

Or how far they read?

I’ve been testing a plugin that does exactly that.

And I watched a poor man watching 16 seconds of my menu only, because he used an iPhone, and on that blog I’d forgotten to add a mobile theme.

I also saw a spammer leave a comment, and after that I could make life more difficult for other spammers.

And I noticed that some people only read as far as the beginning of a review post, so I put an extra link to the product up there and made more sales.

I suggest you grab this plugin:

It’s a dime-sale, so the sooner you get there, the lower the price. (It’s not that high at any rate.)

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. See what your visitors are doing =>

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