Zoom: $149.90/year vs Butter: $49/lifetime (ends in 42 hours)

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If you’re doing live workshops, you could get this and skip your Zoom subscription.

Sure, there are differences.

Like Zoom gives you 100 attendees.

Butter only 30 for these plans.

Butter does some smooth things (ha!) like:

  • You can split participants into groups on the fly
  • You can set a timer and let them do something for a set period
  • You can let your participants interact on a Miro board (wow, I love this)
  • Make polls on the fly (you can’t do that with Zoom)
  • Participants can fill out the polls – even with text
  • Other participants can vote on the polls
  • It has chat, of course, and reactions
  • Participants can react with sounds (can be shut off by host)
  • Integrate video
  • Integrate Google docs, sheets, slides, and drive
  • Add whiteboards, music, and much more


Overall, I find this a very cool tool.

It’s been on AppSumo for a while (but I rarely read their emails) and it’s ending in 42 hours.

If this is for you, get it now. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund if you request it within 60 days.

==> https://clq.cx/butter <==

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