35 Money Making Ideas

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So, you’re looking for money-making ideas?

There is more to making money online than just the obvious scenarios. It’s not just about the cash. It’s about a lifestyle. It’s about freedom.

But how do you get started if you’re on a shoestring budget?

Here are five times seven ways you can get started:

#1 – Create a Blogger Blog and Add Articles from Article Directories

There are many ways you can earn some money with Blogger, and this one is not only free – it’s one in which you have to invest very little effort.

Create a blog; choose a nice, simple template; add AdSense ads, and visit several article directories to source related articles. You will simply have to copy and paste them to your blog, but remember to include the author resource box at the end.

#2 – Create a Hub Page and Make Money from a Multitude of Sources

Do the same thing at HubPages. You can also write your own original content and upload this. Add AdSense, Amazon, etc., or source a specific affiliate product you want to promote.

#3 – Create a Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a lot like HubPages. When you create your lens, you can add all types of monetization like AdSense, Amazon, eBay etc.

#4 – Write on Xomba and Get Paid for Views

Xomba is an interesting place. You can add your articles but, if you can also find an interesting video, then embed it and write a résumé about it.

You will earn money each time your article is viewed.

If you can encourage your friends sign up for Xomba, you’ll also receive a part of their earnings as well.

#5 – Link to Affiliate Products on Forums and Emails

Find an interesting affiliate product, and then visit related forums. Write forum posts or comments, and include your affiliate link along with your signature.

Make sure that this policy is permitted on the specific forum.

#6 – Get Paid for Sharing Files

Do you have some files you wish to share with others? Why not get paid for doing it?

Sign up with ShareCash.org, submit your file, and tell people where they can obtain it.

The sum of money you earn depends on which of several surveys your guest chooses to fill out.

#7 – Sell Affiliate Products through YouTube

Be creative. Make a few videos related to an affiliate product; use a link shortener, and add this link to the beginning of the video description. Of course, if you can add a water mark to the video with the same affiliate link, it’s even better.

Once in a while it happens to us all – we need money NOW!

It could be needed just to buy something nice for ourselves; or to buy a present; or it could be for more important issues such as paying the rent; the food or the inevitable taxes.

So, what do you do in that event?

Here are seven money making ideas for when you need money fast. You might not be able to profit from all of them, but check out the list and see if you cannot apply at least one or two of them.

#8 – Promote a Product to Your List

This tip can be very effective and make you a large amount of money in a short period of time.

If you have a good relationship with your list members, and if you send out at least 75% good informative material (with no more than 25% promotional), your list members will more than likely listen to your advice.

Send them your best offer, for your own product or an affiliate product, and you’ll see immediate results.

#9 – Send out a Press Release

This one made me a small fortune in only one weekend.

Send out a press release about one of your products and, when it gets published, just be ready to receive the income.

#10 – Sell Your Old Goods on eBay

No products of your own?

Never mind. You must have plenty of items at home that you don’t use any longer. Sell them on eBay. You decide the length of the auction. If you start with a low price, you’re almost certain to sell your items.

#11 – Sell Your Old Stuff on Amazon

Whatever Amazon offers in their range of books, videos, computer games, etc., you can sell on their market place as well.

You will only have to pay a fee when your item is actually sold. No sale – no fee – no risk.

#12 – Promote E-books and Products from RAP Bank

If you like to sell affiliate products, but don’t want to wait days (or even months) to be paid, RAP Bank is the place for you.

They act as a portal for several vendors, and you can earn 50%-100% of the sales, paid directly to your own PayPal account.

#13 – Have a Fire Sale

You need a well-visited homepage for this tip to work, or a responsive list.

Make a package that your subscribers cannot resist, and make it a time limited offer. This tip has made me as much as $600 in a few hours, with a very small list (400 members).

#14 – Be Ahead of the Seasons

Write topics that people want to read about, but do it before the season arrives. Put AdSense on your site.

Whilst I’m writing this, Easter is around the corner, and my homepage with a few tips about Easter has already made me a small fortune this month. There are a multitude of opportunities such as this. Just look out for them.

So, lazy guy, you’re looking for an easy way to make money, are you?

Okay, I’ll give you some. You can even make large amounts of money using some of these methods. You just have to rinse and repeat when you think you’re on to something worthwhile.

Here we go with the seven easy money making ideas:

#15 – Set up AdSense mini-sites

Find a specific theme, and make a mini-site for it. This could be something as simple as weber grills. Write a small amount of text about these barbecues; place a few pictures on your site, and then incorporate AdSense.

Many people make a fortune from these mini-sites, because they have an army of them, each bringing in consistent profit.

#16 – Set up eBay mini-sites

This is very similar to the AdSense mini-sites method. Initially, find a specific theme, or rather a product that people are likely to buy on eBay. Set up a small site or a blog, and add your eBay Partner code.

Send traffic to your mini-site – and start making money.

#17 – Add Your Comments to Already Established Sites

Instead of spending your time trying to drive traffic to a new site, you can piggyback on the popularity of an established site. And many of these offer you the opportunity to write for free. And you can still make money.

Some example sites for this method are Xomba, Squidoo, HubPages and World Village, but there are also some private blog owners who are willing to share their revenue to obtain new content for their blog.

#18 – Sell Affiliate Products

You don’t need to think about creating your product; setting up a sales page; doing the support or anything else. This is really easy money. You just find the best products, and tell others about them – and make money in the process.

#19 – Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is amongst the hottest social networks at the moment. You don’t need to do much writing, since each tweet can only contain a maximum of 140 characters. But you do have to find some followers. Many of them! This is easy, too. Choose some people to follow and many, in turn, will follow you in return. Then join one of the services which will pay for your tweets, or sell affiliate products yourself.

I have to warn you, though, that a long term strategy with Twitter takes more time; is not that easy, but will make you much more money.

#20 – Flip Homepages

Are you good at creating home pages, or setting up a blog? Then you just have to do this, and then sell your web page(s) to somebody who does not have this particular expertise.

If you put more work into it and build up some traffic, and start to make money from your site or blog, you will obtain a far better sale price, but that’s not quite so easy.

#21 – Create Graphics

Do you love to play around with pictures and Photo Shop, Illustrator or even Paint Shop Pro? Why not make some money from your hobby? People love graphics, and there’s a continual demand for new graphics for mini-sites, icons, banners, headers etc.

If you already have a business up and running online, here are seven extra money making ideas you can use to spice up your revenue:

#22 – Send Out an E-mail Advising New Blog Posts

Naturally, you first have to collect the e-mail addresses of your blog readers. When you have them, you can send them a direct email each time you post something new and interesting on your blog.

Don’t include the full blog post. Make this an ‘appetizer’, and invite them to read on further via your link.

You can make money in many ways on your blog, and the extra traffic will result in extra income.

#23 – Make a Special Time-Limited Offer

Take one of your best products, and make a special time-limited offer. Make sure to take down the offer once the deadline has been reached.

#24 – Tweet about New Blog Posts

If you have a large list of followers, you should tweet about it when you post something interesting on your blog. Again, monetize your blog, and the extra traffic should result in extra money.

#25 – Create a Package of Your Products

If you have several products already, why don’t you make a package of them and sell it for a discounted price?

#26 – Send out Daily Seasonal Mails

If your blog or site has anything that could be just slightly related to Christmas or Easter, these are great seasonal times during which to make money.

Send out daily tips for Christmas or Easter, and invite people to read the remainder of the text on your site.

You should see immediate results.

#27 – Write about a Specific Product

Instead of just having banners promoting products on your site or blog, choose one particular product and write about it in more depth.

People are more likely to buy something after reading about it in detail, rather than just viewing a 125×125 picture.

#28 – Make a Give-Away with a One-Time Offer

You don’t have to organize a huge give-away with hundreds of other participants, donating thousands of products.

You can arrange your own give-away, either with a new report you’ve written, or utilizing some of your older products which you used to sell.

Make a one-time offer, either in conjunction with one of your other products, or find a Joint Venture partner with whom to work.

You’ll be surprised by the number of people who actually buy this one-time offer, but only if it’s closely related to your free gift.

If you’re searching for some quick money making ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, I will focus only on ways to make money online, because that gives you the freedom of working when you want, and where you want.

#29 – Sell an E-book

If you write and sell your own e-book, you don’t need to spend money up front. You don’t need to find an agent or a publisher. You just need a simple system to enable people to buy and download your e-book. Use online payment services such as PayPal, Google Checkout or Alertpay, which can offer you both a pay button and an automatic download.

#30 – Sell a Printed Book

For some topics, it’s better to hold a real book in your hands, rather than having to read it on screen, or to print it out yourself. If your book contains a large number of pages, offer a printed version as well.

You don’t have to spend money up-front, as you can sell with ‘print-on-demand’ services such as Lulu or CreateSpace.

#31- Start a Joint Venture

A joint venture is where two or more people or companies who work together with one another. Often they only join for a particular cause, such as selling vendor A’s product to vendor B’s list. Vendor B will then earn a share of Vendor A’s income, and Vendor A will gain higher exposure of his/her product.

#32 – Acquire Your Own Affiliates

If you’re already selling books or programs, you will make much more money if you have an army of affiliates promoting them for you. Join affiliate portals, or devise your own system.

#33 – Write Articles

Writing and submitting articles can earn you an indirect income from the traffic you send to particular sites, but you can also find portals which pay you for the articles that you submit.

#34 – Take Online Surveys

If you’re not keen on writing, you can make some easy money by taking online surveys. The lengthier surveys often pay better, but you can also do a larger number of small surveys and still earn a tidy sum.

#35 – Make Money by Blogging

Many people have based their business purely on blogging. There are several ways to earn money from blogs. You can put ads on them. You can sell affiliate products. You can sell your own products or services from them.

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  1. It always takes motivation and discipline to make money. And work. However, if you can limit the work phase to as little as possible, it’s great, and if you can make money again and again from work you’ve already have performed, it’s even better. Money is just the means, not the goal.

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