Money Online – Are You Making These 7 Deadly Sins in Internet Marketing?

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  It is estimated that only 15% of Internet Marketers actually make any money online. The remainder fail to show a profit for all the time, energy and costs

invested. Are you making any of these 7 deadly sins?

Sin # 1: Faking deadlines

Some Internet Marketers try to insult my intelligence by threatening to shortly “remove the offer” in order to cause me take a decision right away.

I usually do. I immediately walk away from taking them up on their offer.

So, don’t fake deadlines. However, If you want to use a deadline to encourage people to buy here and now, use a real reason. If you don’t have a reason, then don’t fake it. Aim for long term sales. Create a product that will endure, and which people will want to buy today, tomorrow, next month – and even next year.

Sin # 2: “I could easily charge you…”

That’s a straight-out lie! If the Internet Marketer really could charge me such a large sum that easily, he would do so. But he knows only too well that’s it’s not possible so, in order to sell his product, he ‘lowers’ the original outlandish price.

Sin # 3: Not caring at all about your customers

You have seen it, as I have, time and time again. You opt in to an ezine, only to receive offer after offer for other people’s stuff – bad quality as well as good.

These Internet Marketers don’t care about you at all. They simply want to make as much money as quickly as possible.

Sin # 4: Jumping from one project to another

So many interesting things out there, why not try them all? Maybe this is finally the next “big thing” – The newest idea that will bring you in vast amounts of money.

Maybe, yes, but please stay focused. Finish your current project before moving on to a new one. If you don’t, you’ll be forever jumping from one project to another, never really making money from any of your unfinished works.

Sin # 5: Procrastinating

Do you want to know everything about a subject, before you start work on a project? Are you waiting for the right moment to arrive?


These are just excuses to procrastinate and therefore never getting anything done.

Start now, right where you are! Take one small step at a time, but do something.

I usually write down three things I must accomplish during a day, and then I concentrate on doing them, one after the other. Everybody can do three small things. Sometimes I end up doing many more than the initial three I set out to achieve, but that’s just an extra bonus.

Sin # 6: Writing “personally”, when it’s not

Have you ever received an email from an Internet Marketer, who wrote “personal” in the subject line?

It doesn’t take much reading of such an email to find out whether it’s fake or not. Is the “personal” email send out to several thousand cash cows on his list, or just to you and a few others?

Don’t deliberately lie to people. They will find you out.

Sin # 7: Not taking action

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something” — Set Godin

This is the most deadly of all the 7 sins – not taking action. Without action, even the best idea in the world will benefit nobody, least of all yourself.

Make your plans as quickly as possible, and then take immediate action. Don’t wait for the right moment, the creative inspiration, or for even more information. Just do it – NOW!

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  1. I know what you mean about point 1 & 2 but not entirely sure I agree… mmmm I see the ethical dilemma but then scarcity and time insentives work.

    Ok – in future I think I’ll honour all my time sensitive or price statements but… I just have to make the time (or find the script to action them!)

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