True story? Always wear underwear – Facebook “Likes” like crazy – Amazon and List building

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Hi friend

You’ll want this link in a moment:

Haha, can you believe it? We woke up to no Internet again this morning.

It turned out that they had an old, expired credit card in their files. As soon as my husband managed to get through to them, the problem was fixed, and seconds later we had Internet again.

You can’t keep a good thing off the net 😉

On a more private note, I joined a French guild last night in World of Warcraft. I have almost not written a French word since 2011. So this should be good training.

And it’s a guild who’s very much PvP oriented – meaning we’re going to “kill” real players, not just virtual pixel players that are easy to take down 😉

We did several battlegrounds last night, and even though it was with my alliance character, it was a lot of fun!

But back to business…

Lost text in forms?

Have you ever filled out a form, and then because of some stupid, idiotic, nasty little error, you couldn’t send the form, and you had to type it all again?

I know I have… Several times, in fact.

Now, most of the time, it doesn’t bother me, because I use a little add-on on Firefox that helps me get back my lost text.

It’s free (although they accept donations), and it’s called Lazarus. Lazarus: Form recovery. They use an Ankh as their symbol, thus mixing ancient Egyptian mythology with Christianity.

I highly recommend that you get this add-on.

How to Get Facebook “Likes”Likes Crazy

Okay, I’ll rather not reveal it here…

But I wrote a blog post about how to get Facebook likes, and I’m sure you’ll “like” it 😉

See it here ==>

Yeah, I’m bad. I know…

First look at Azon Annihilation

When I check my Amazon income (daily, it’s fun), I always check where the payment came from.

Most come from Squidoo lenses, but a growing amount comes from my review site of different kitchen gadgets.

I’ve been inspired by different products when I wrote the reviews, and I’ve noticed that it’s often very short and to the point reviews that sell.

The call to action also seems to matter!

Anyway, I love learning new tips about how to make money with Amazon, and last night I got hold of “Azon Annihilation” by Ryan Martin.

Ryan Martin is another super-affiliate who makes a lot of dollars by being an Amazon affiliate.

I’m going to review his product on my blog, so these are only my first impressions.

While skimming through the table of contents, I noticed several things:

  • He covers the standard and basics by telling you about how to pick a niche; how to choose products; how to create an Amazon affiliate site.
  • But he also writes about connecting it to Facebook, and something about squeeze pages… I’m intrigued.
  • There are chapters about how to send traffic to these sites.
  • One headline reads “Learn How I Made $43,281.78 Using One SIMPLE Method”. Could be interesting.

I was about to write a few details about the introduction… but I’ll leave that for the review. Nah, I’ll tell you this: He says that this book is about his never before released 5 step strategy to obtain traffic without using Google.

Interesting. I already have done step 1, 2 and 3 (not according to his method, so I’m going to read anyway), and that leaves step 4 (Creating a Facebook Page) and step 5 (Driving traffic).

Sounds good!

Alright, the verdict is in! I started implementing step 4, but I changed my mind.

This is good! I’m going to start a new niche, so I’m going back to step 1. And I’m going to watch the videos he’s made to make all the details easier to understand.

He links to the videos inside the 86 page long PDF-file, and also at the end, so they are easy to get back to.

I will probably not have time to get started today…

But this sounds super-interesting and fun.

If you want to take a look at the sales page (even before I write the review), you can find it here ==>

It’s a dime sale, so I’m really sorry that I’m so late out with the news.

No BS List Building

If you’re interested in list building (and you should be ;-), you might be interested in this product.

I asked for a review copy and got one right away, and that’s always a good sign.

The creator, Pete Van Zijl (don’t ask me how he pronounces that), seems highly sympatic!

It’s a 26 page PDF e-book.

Let me tell you my thoughts…

No BS List Building aims to tell you how to build a list. It’s not about how to write and communicate. Only about building a targeted list of active readers.

Pete and co-author Mark Thompson tells you about three methods to build the list.

The first one costs money, and they claim that it’s worth it. No, it’s not solo ads or pay per click. You pay some real, honest people money, and you build your list.

That could work. I don’t think I’m going to try it out just yet.

Pete has this to say about the method: For the first method, I usually pay around $40 a month and that can add up to 500 subscribers to my list per month.

I love the second tip! They call it The Triple Win (2013 Version).

Pete’s record by using this method is 4000 subscribers in one day! And it’s totally free to use.

I’m going to test this method in the near future. I really love the idea.

Third method: Work together In his third method, he tells you how you can get new subscribers by working together with others in the same niche in a specific way.

That sounds doable. I still prefer method number 2, though. I really, really love that idea.

So I don’t know what you say… Out of the three ideas, I’m going to use the second. I don’t know about the two others. They are probably effective, and maybe it’s just me, and that I have to fall in love with an idea to take action?

I can only say that you should go here and take a look for yourself with my words in mind.


Funny Stuff

They claim that this is a true story, taken from the news…

Don’t know, but it certainly is funny. After that you’ll know why you should always wear underwear 😉 ==>

Best regards,

P.S. If you have any tips you would like me to share, let me know. And don’t be shy 😉

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