Yay! Internet is back – A cat, a dog, toy and bath

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We lost Internet connection last Saturday during a rough thunderstorm. We called Sunday morning, but the technician couldn’t come. Too busy. A lot of people had lost connection.

He should come today, then, between 11AM and 1PM. This was something we really looked forward to.

And then, at 9:28 – blink blink…

Yay! The modem was alive! It had connection to the Internet! Finally!

So we’re back online 🙂

Tomorrow You’ll Learn How to Get Facebook “Likes”

I’ve prepared a blog post for tomorrow.

It’s about how to get Facebook likes, and I’m sure you’ll “like” it 😉

Yeah, I’m bad. I know…

Affiliate? Product Creator? How to Sell… (You Don’t)

On our way back from the supermarket today (yeah, we shopped one day earlier than normal), my husband and I talked about how his father was an excellent sales man.

It wasn’t something he’d learned. He just did it and got close to every sale. 100% conversion!

Actually, our conversation started, because we walked pass a lot of small shops and talked about how hard it must be to sell things from those and have to make a certain number of income each month to pay rent, salarees, electricity… And they have to be there EVERY day.

This is opposed to us, who work on the Internet… We can work once, and get paid several years for the same work, and we don’t have to pay special rent, employ people, get up early etc.

But we still have to sell… And this is where Cyril’s father came into our little chat.

Because I mentioned … 6% – that’s what some good online stores make in conversion. If it was a real shop that would never work. Cyril’s father shop had around 75-80%, and his father close to 100%.

He didn’t sell.

He observed and listened. Then he offered to help the people who were visiting his shop.

Almost everyone walked out of his shop with something they’d bought. Not necessarily the most expensive thing. But the thing that was best for them.

Like I said to Cyril: People like to buy. But they want to be sure that they are taking the right decision.

So if you can help them do that, you get happy clients.

And happy clients will come back 🙂

So don’t sell to your visitors. Observe. Listen. And then help them get what’s best for them.

Funny Stuff

Hehe, if you love cats and dogs, either of them, and you know how they feel about water… and how curious they can be…

You have to see this 1 minute 16 seconds video ==>


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