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Project Restart by Kevin Fahey – my Review

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There is a lot of crappy products out there, promising the moon. And sadly, there’s also a lot of fake reviews that are nothing but copy and paste from the sales page.

What you’re reading here is a real review.

I got access to Kevin Fahey’s Project Restart ahead of launch time, and I’m going to tell you both the good and the bad things about it.

Warning before you read on: If you’re allergic to typos, then the written guide for this product will annoy you.

If you value content higher than form, then read on.

From Zero to Five Figures Per Month Fast

This is the premise Kevin Fahey came up with:

If he were to start from scratch, without his list, without his products, without affiliates or anything, and get from zero to five figures in the fastest possible time, how would he do it?

Notice, that he doesn’t say “over night” or come up with any wild promises.

Making money takes time. But it would be great to get to the first goal, five figures, as fast as possible using ethical means.

Can you imagine what you would do if you made $10,000 or more? Perhaps you were starting from scratch, or perhaps you’d lost all you had and now had to start over.

How would you celebrate?

What would change in your life?

I know one thing that would change for you: your faith.

Not your religious faith, but your faith in yourself and that it would be possible to make that kind of money.

If you’re among the many people who are just starting out, or have been dabbling a bit with several things but not really have results to show for it, then think of how life would change if you saw results.

In other words – if this product keeps its promise, it would be great, right?

So let’s look at it.

Starting From Scratch

We all, at one point, start from scratch.

My online journey started in 2000, when we moved from Denmark to France.

We left a freezing cold cloudy and windy Denmark Thursday afternoon, June 29th, and we arrived in France the following day. I still remember turning the key and opening the door to our new, rented house. The sky was blue, the sun shining and it was pleasantly warm.

There was no lawn yet, only bare ground, and no fence around the house.

When we entered the house, it was chill inside, and our voices echoed in the empty house.

We bought a few pieces of furniture that day, and a couple of days later, the furniture and stuff arrived from Denmark.

Back in Denmark, we had had our own company, teaching people about how to use computers, about psychology (my husband), and had clients.

We figured that we would do the same here, plus we had money coming from Denmark soon, and my husband had paid work one week per month, which would make us enough money to pay for what we needed.

But, alas, reality soon turned out to be very different from what we’d planned and counted on.

The money never came.

The job wasn’t there.

Bills, on the other hand, they were real, and they piled up.

When I think back on that period of my life, I remember one thing mostly: a queasy stomach.

My queasy stomach when the kind postman knocked on our door to deliver another registered letter from another lawyer or “huissier” – the French word for bailiff.

My queasy stomach when I received more bills, stacks of envelopes filled with bills we couldn’t pay.

My queasy stomach when the date to pay our rent came closer.

My queasy stomach when I checked the bank account and saw only red numbers and fees galore.

At one point, it was winter and our heating system didn’t work. We froze all day and had to wear gloves inside, but we didn’t dare to call our landlord to have it fixed, because we owed him money.

I had tried to look for jobs, but not even the native French could find jobs, so with my school French… Forget about it.

Those were hard times, and they only changed because I got in contact with someone who made money online.

This was back in 2001, so there were no ebooks, video courses (ha) or anything about making money online. This was actually the first time I learned that it was possible.

Fast forward to today, and the problem is different.

There are far too many books and courses about it.

Some are great, and work.

Some are worthless.

But even with the great ones, there’s one major problem:

None of them gives you instant money.

That means that it takes faith to follow the guidelines, and to keep following them for long enough to make it work.

Otherwise, you’ll just go from one method to the next without giving any of them time to do their magic.

(Yes, while there is no magic button you can push, to me, making my living online, is like magic. It has completely changed my life, and I would NEVER get a day job again.)

There’s another thing that is often “wrong” even for good products.

They assume you already have a business up and running. Or they only take care of one part of your business, like traffic, or tracking, or writing emails.

Those are all stuff that you should learn at one point, but if you want to make money as fast as possible, you need to learn one thing:

You should NOT learn it all first.

That’s the thing you should learn.

Learn just the necessary to get started. Then get better over time.

That’s one of the reasons why I liked Kevin Fahey’s Project Restart.

It doesn’t assume you have a running business. And you don’t need to know everything to use it.

Kevin’s goal was to – based on his knowledge and experience – find a way he could use to start over from scratch and go from zero to five figures as fast as possible.

On his way, he starts from the beginning, showing his options, then narrowing down to one, take that one and go to the next step, and do the same.

For example, he says that you can make money online in different ways, then he mentions those ways, and then he chooses the way he finds fastest.

Then he takes that way, and again you can follow that route in several ways, he mentions those ways, debate which one is the fastest and with the least risk, and then choose that one.

He even mentions how some people make fast money, but those are unethical, and he hopes you won’t take that route.

You Can Watch His Intro Video Here


The product is delivered as a 36-page PDF guide, plus videos, slides, mp3, and more.

You can consume and learn from that guide in several ways:

  • By reading it.
  • By watching the numerous short videos Kevin has made.
  • By listening to it as an MP3 file.

Here’s an overview of what’s inside Project Restart by Kevin Fahey.

Chapter 1. Deciding Which Business Model Is Right For You

This chapter will be superhelpful for you if you’ve wondered about WHAT you should do… like create products? Do PLR? Maybe even software? Kevin talks about several examples, what he’s done in the past, and what he would do today.

Chapter 2. Building Relationships Fast

The best advice I’ve ever gotten was to build a network. I got it after I quit my job in 1995, and it has kept me away from having a job ever since. In this chapter, Kevin talks about how you can build relationships fast. They are crucial to your business.

Chapter 3. Research

What you think your customer needs and what he wants are sadly, mostly, two different things. In this chapter Kevin shows you how you can find out how to help your customers before you start doing anything.

Chapter 4. Banking On Your Research

How can you re-utilize what you’ve researched and scale up? Read about it here.

Chapter 5. 4 Massive Money Makers (I Would Pick One)

The chapter title says it all here.

Chapter 6. The Only Tools, Services & Equipment You Need

This is so good. Okay, short story. I’ve always wanted to write fiction. When I was young, I wanted to write fiction as soon as I got a computer. When I got my computer, I wanted to write fiction as soon as I got a new computer. And more time, and more tools, and more courses…

It’s exactly the same in Internet marketing. I’ve seen people buy tools they don’t need yet, maybe will never need. In this chapter, Kevin tells you about the only tools you need right now. The rest is a luxury you can get over time.

This Saves You Time and Makes You Money

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about how to make money online.

You might have seen others make fast money by selling software and wondered if you should take a leap of faith and do the same.

Or perhaps you’ve wondered if creating PLR would be a fast route to income? Or doing services?

Kevin has tried all of these and more, and he goes over them all, tells you the good and the bad about them, and then picks his choice – which doesn’t need to be your choice.

This is good, honest, non-hypey information you can actually use.

Here’s What I Liked about Project Restart

  • I like that you can start from scratch with no existing assets, like a business, a list, connections…
  • I like that Kevin tells you things like they are. He’s not promising that you can make five figures in two days or anything crazy like that. He’s telling you your options, what are good and bad about each option, and how he would do it.
  • I like that you can learn at your own pace, and choose between reading, watching, or listening.
  • I like that you can learn how you like, either by reading a PDF, watching a video, or listening to an audio. And you can quickly get an overview thanks to the slides.
  • I like that the training is realistic. It’s doable.

Here’s What I Didn’t Like

  • There are typos in the PDF. I’m kidding. There ARE typos, but they didn’t annoy me at all. But I know that some people hate it enough to dismiss a good product, so I thought I would mention it.
  • There are no detailed step-by-step guides. That’s right. Kevin gives you the overview, but you need to Google or YouTube the details. (In my opinion that is great, because if you’re serious about wanting to make money online, you won’t allow such small matters to stop you.)

Are There Upsells?

What’s a launch without upsells, right?

This one has them, but not a ton of them. I simply hate those offers where you have to click No to the upsell, No to the downsell, and repeat that 23 times.

This one actually has upsells I recommend you get.

The product work fine on its own. The upsells just improves on something already good.

OTO#1 – Interviews & Bonus

​Right now there are 16 text-based interviews with top marketers and ethical people, like Arun Chandran, Adam Payne, Tiffany Lambert, and many others. Will there be more than 16 on launch day? I’ll keep this updated.

You also get several bonus products with the interviews:

  • New $16K case study – a video where Kevin Fahey shows what he did to make more than $16,000 on ClickBank alone in one month. He shows everything, what he put where, the bonuses, and the products.
  • IM Newbie – oh, wow, 34 videos and 5 webinars that cover all the basics to getting started online and making your first $1,000.
  • Consistent Sales System – Award winning product that shows how any marketer can keep selling any product or service all year round. It covers 25 different methods in a PDF ebook.
  • 20K Extra – How Kevin increased his monthly income by $20,000 by making a few tweaks in his business. That made him an extra $100,000 to his bank account that year alone. It’s a complete step by step video training course with templates and worksheets.

You get all that for only $37.

If you say No to that offer, you’ll be offered the interviews alone for $27.

If you want my advice: Say Yes. The interviews are great, and you’ll learn a lot, and the bonuses are worth a LOT more than $10. Actually, the $16K case study itself is worth a lot more than $10.

The Rest of the Upsells

OTO#2 is IM VIP Training that you get for $97 – the price goes up to $197 after launch, so if you want this, now is a good time to buy.

OTO#3 – Is a trial subscription to Kevin’s IM Checklists for only $3.

OTO#4 – Is a huge package ofr 460 IM Checklists that you get for only $197

Should You Get It?

Of course you should 😉

No, I’m kidding. Because actually, it depends.

You can always write to me directly and ask. And I will give you a personalized reply based on your situation.

Otherwise, in general, I will say that this will be extremely useful, if you like to get an experienced viewpoint on your different options for making money online.

If you’re already doing something that works for you, then you probably don’t need this.

If you need detailed instructions, and if you want to know everything before starting, then this probably is not for you either. In that case, I would actually suggest that you found a job you liked.

Because being an entrepreneur and working for yourself, means that you don’t know everything.

You can’t know everything. And you shouldn’t, either.

But shoot me an email, if you’re in doubt.

If You’ve (Almost) Made Up Your Mind

And if you just want to know a little more, check the looks and feels of the sales page, then you should click here:

Click here to get Project Restart

In my opinion it’s one of the best products I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s informative, inspiring, and easy to consume.

If you’re looking for ways to reach five digits fast, then check this out.

Click here to get Project Restart

Unique Bonus

Normally, I only offer a bonus if there’s something lacking in the product.

I couldn’t find any holes in Project Restart, so at first I saw no reason to add a bonus.


I’m actually using the emails I’m writing as a case study for a product I will launch soon. I call it Happily Ever After Emails.

I’m using a method I came up with a while ago, a method that landed me on the affiliate leader-board. It’s a method no one else is using.

You’ll get that product as a bonus as soon as it’s finished.

I haven’t fixed a price yet, but it will be around $20.

So make sure to grab Project Restart through my link to get this unique bonus.

Click here to get Project Restart and my bonus Happily Ever After Emails

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