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“Making money … is, in fact, almost as easy as losing it. Almost but not quite”
— H. L. Mencken

While I was surfing ClickBank to find a product to promote with my next series of articles, I stumbled upon a pearl. More about that in a moment. First, I’ll tell you a little about a product, I decided NOT to promote, and why I decided not to.

The first product, I checked, was Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates. It’s a recurring product – a membership site. I was completely sold, when I read the sales page, but I wanted to make sure that it really kept the promises that were made, before I went ahead an bought it.

I did some searches to see, what people thought about it, and I found a dozen “reviews”, where the “reviewer” clearly hadn’t seen the product, but just took info from the sales page, and wrote a bit about Ewen Chia. Nothing I could use as proof.

Then I searched for “super affiliates” and “results” to see, how much people had earned from being on the programme. I didn’t find anything, except from some people who thought less about it. They complained about Chia’s accent, which made the videos hard to understand, and one person said that he’d bought two other products from Chia, and asked for his money back on both. While this is no evidence about the quality of the product, still, the lack of proof for results did push me off. After all, the product was quite expensive.

So I went on with my research, and found Affilorama, which is also a membership site. However, when I went to the landing page, I was pleasantly surprised by the words: “Join today! Nowhere else gives you so much for free!” – free? … but I thought?…

Obviously, they didn’t have to ask me twice, so I joined. Still, I thought, the free stuff would probably be somewhat limited, and again, my thoughts were put to shame.

Nothing limited about the info you get there for free. As you can see in the illustration above, each article includes a video and a written text. And they are all set up in an easy to access manner, grouped. You immediately know, where you’re going to start reading.

“So, how do they make money?” I thought. After all, I went there believing it was a paid membership site.

And it is. You get all the lessons for free, and you can even join the forum, and read the blog. However, if you want to download the lessons to your computer or mobile phone, you have to upgrade to a premium membership. This costs $67 per month, and you get a lot of nice tools for that price, too.

Right now, I am pretty busy doing other things, but in two days, Wednesday, I’ll have time for this project, and I’ll join and get access to the premium tools. I’m especially interested in the Social Snooping Tool, where you write your keywords, and pick your social sites, and they you’ll get links and page ranks, so you’ll know where it will be worthwhile to write your blog comments.

However, Affilorama offers a whole bunch of tools. You can even get access to some of them with a free account. Those are handy tools like a text formatter, a character counter, ClickBank earnings calculator, and many more. See for yourself at

If you want to learn something about affiliate marketing, I highly recommend that you join Affilorama – it’s free, so you have nothing to lose, but a lot to win, it seems.

After I’ve been a paid member for a while, I will return with more information, especially about results. Will it be worth the monthly payment? I’ll let you know.

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