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Hi there 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment: http://malka.im/e/amatriplex

Oh, wow, I’ve certainly been productive without the Internet…

Yes, I have a lot of links to check in the writings I’ve done, but I’ve marked them all with XXX, so they should be easy to find.

But I’ve written one small book from scratch, and finished another – undisturbed. No “just checking email”. No Skype messages. No nothing 😉

Just work-work-work!

But now I need my Internet back, please!

Update: Oh no 🙁 The technician will not come today. Nor tomorrow. He’ll not be here before April 24th.

I’ll use my phone as a modem again and send this email so you know what’s going on.

But this probably means no World of Warcraft for another two days. WHINE AND CRY!

How to Add Your Own Affiliate Link

Okay, I got a good question from Fran (who’s waiting patiently for her bonus). She asked:

The bonus you are sending will show us how to make the hyperlinks with our affiliate links?

I couldn’t remember, so I had to check Chris’ book (the super-bonus) “Amazon Cash Clone”, and no, in fact, he just uses the Squidoo links.

But despair not, fair maiden 🙂 Because I made a lens about that topic a while ago.

You can see it here: http://squidoo.com/amazon-affiliate-link

Please “like” and share my lens, if it helps you 😀

Facebook “Like” Baits

A wrote a little e-book called “Facebook ‘Like’ Baits: How to Write Compelling Content that Makes Your Readers Click “Like” Like Crazy…”

You’ll get access to it, as soon as I can finish it (I need some links), but you’ll have to click “Like” to get it, of course 😉

Yes, I’m bad; I know…

This is how it looks:

Good News! Your Traffic Book Is Almost Finished

“I’m on the road to riches, it’s just a lil traffic.” ~ Lil Wayne

Being without Internet meant that I couldn’t play World of Warcraft, so I could just as well work. Which I did.

So I finished “Jam Your Site with Targeted Traffic” – that is… I need to check links and stuff. But it’s almost here.

Funny Stuff

Sorry, nothing funny today. The Internet went really slow on me (I’m still going through the hotspot on my cell phone), so I had to give it up…

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

3 Hours Left – Bonus Until 11AM EST Today – AmaNiche TRIPLEX

The thunderstorm that took away our Internet meant that I couldn’t keep count and only give the super-duper bonus to the first 25… So if you didn’t get it, you’re still in luck.

I prolongued the bonus until today at 11AM EST. I should have Internet back then. (I hope…)

Chris Sorrell has created another great product. I’ve written a full review of it, and you can find it here: http://getmoneymakingideas.com/2956

My review of AmaNiche TRIPLEX, the latest product by Chris Sorrell, in which he shares how he reached his first $1,000 month on Amazon.

You’ll love it! Especially all the call-to-actions he quotes in the book. Those are great to use as swipes, or as they are.

I’ve never seen anybody else share these call to actions, and even if you should hate everything else from this book, those call to actions are worth the price of it.

Oh, and you get an awesome bonus, too. Read about it here (hint: not just some rehashed PLR). http://getmoneymakingideas.com/2956

Since I’m still without Internet while writing this, I’m extending the bonus, so if you get AmaNiche TRIPLEX before tomorrow at 11AM EST, you’ll be good, and I’ll send you the super-duper bonus.

You can still get it for less than $10 here => http://malka.im/e/amatriplex

Best regards,

P.S. I have sent bonus to everyone who asked. If you haven’t received, please send request again, because then it must have been lost somewhere…

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