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Hi there 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

Our son made a brief visit this morning. I had just woken up… But it was good to see him.

He was on his way home from work and had an extra shift starting this afternoon, so he didn’t have much time to stay.

Fridays are also busy and relaxing for me.

In a moment, I have to bake the breads for tonight, wash some clothes, take care of the cat litter, and then it’s time to relax.

When do you relax? Do you take at least one day off every week?

It’s good for you, you know 🙂 And I discovered years ago that I became more productive by taking a day off than by working 7/7.

Upcoming Amazon product

You’re not tired of Amazon affiliate marketing, are you?

If you say “yes”, I have the solution for you. Because my guess is, then, that you’re tired of it, because you’re not making enough money with it.

If you say “no”, then I have good news for you. Because later today, Chris Sorrell is launching a new Amazon product.

He’s an Amazon super affiliate, and that doesn’t surprise me, when I see the ideas he comes up with. They are brilliant and unique!

His latest product is called “AmaNiche TRIPLEX”, and it’s all about selling high-priced and low-priced items combined. I haven’t seen anybody else tell about this method.

But more about that later. I’ll send out a mail when a few minutes before the sale is starting.

Watch out for it, because he’s making a dime-sale, and it’s better to get in early to get the lowest price.

My mail should hit your inbox at around 10:54AM EST.

Check here if you’re in doubt about when that is:

And don’t buy it elsewhere, before you hear about my super-duper awesome brilliant bonus 🙂 You’ll love it!

There’s a special high-value bonus for the first 25 to purchase through my link, and a great bonus for everybody.

Free Pictures for Your Blog

Pandora from our awesome Squick group mentioned a place to find public domain images for free. I didn’t know that place, but it looks good.

Here it is, and thanks a lot, Pandora, for yet another great tip!

It was spot on.

Spot on

Funny Stuff

We are far more beautiful than we think. Take a look at this short video… Yes, it’s staged, and it’s an ad, but I really like the message.

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

Super Easy Videos (Super Low Priced Course)

John Schwartz launched his low-priced course about fast videos. This is what I wrote about it:

If you’re not into the advanced video creating stuff but want it to be painless, fast’n’furious, then you’ll l,ove this course by John Schwartz.

As you know, if you’ve been following me for a while, I’m a huge fan of John Schwartz. I really love his products. They all focus on one thing, and one thing only, and they explain it so well.

This is where you’ll want to go in a moment to learn more =>

He’s an excellent writer, and he uses videos to support the more advanced steps of his courses. Nothing complicated. Just showing over his shoulder how he formats e-books or stuff like that.

When you read John’s books, you can almost hear his voice, because he uses a language that’s so easy to understand. I always get a feeling of a calm, honey-deep voice, soothing me and making me calm with his words.

And as you know, I’m not crazy about making videos.

Yet, reading this book, it made me feel like cuddling up and just listen, and then get the job done without anxiety.

Which was exactly what I did, even while reading the book. Yes, I made a short video, haha.

John also talks about what to do if people hate watching videos.

And instead of recommending expensive programs, he tells us about an application you can use either through your browser or download (at least to Mac and Windows). You can use the free version, but John recommends the pro, which is $15 per year.

I noticed some awesome quotes, while reading this book. Some that spoke directly to me, like:

Editing your video can be down right dangerous if you are someone who is easily distracted.

Who? Me? Oh, wow, the sun is finally shining. We had rain again today. I guess that’s a blessing, when you’re living in a desert country, but I would love to see some sun soon…

Oh, sorry!

Back to the book: Yes, John shows you how you can edit the video and avoid being a perfectionist. Because perfectionism will keep you from getting things done.

I highly recommend that you grab John’s book. It’s only $5, so do yourself a favor and grab it here =>

Best regards and have a nice weekend,

P.S. Make sure to check your mailbox before 11am EST today. You’re going to love this product + the bonus.

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