Food in my hair – Closing in 1 day and 14 hours – Rippln, hot air or next Facebook?

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Hey you 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

Yesterday, I read a book about how to get nice and healthy hair in seven days. On day three (yeah, I skipped a bit), you’re supposed to do a special treatment of the hair, and since several homeremedies were mentioned, I went to the kitchen and got what I needed.

A few minutes later, I was back in front of my gamer PC with a towel wrickled around my head.

My husband looked at me with big eyes:

What are you doing?he asked.

Me, stammering: er… read in book… home remedies…

Him: Exactly what remedies?

And I told him…

Him: Why do you put food in your hair?

Me: It’s supposed to nourish it. Make it healthier.

Today, he wrote about it on Facebook. Can you believe it? 😉

Rippln… Hot air or next Facebook?

You’re not going to get the answer from me. Not yet, at least.

In short: Rippln is being promoted as the next Facebook.

They use a lot of scare for being left behind: “imagine you were in the inner circle when Facebook was created”. “Get in here now”.

They promise us a lot of money, but they haven’t told us a price. At the moment it’s free.

They haven’t told us who “they” are. Who’s behind Rippln?

As you can tell, my feelings about Rippln are rather mixed. I joined, yes, but I don’t know if I believe in it.

If you want an invitation (I have three to offer right now), let me know. In that case I need a NEW mail from you (not an answer on top of THIS mail, but a NEW mail) with your full name, email and mobile phone number.

Tip of the Century – Take Unfair Advantage

Have you ever walked away from idea, just because somebody else had it before you?

A lot of people do.

Today, I read an interesting blog post about that topic, and how you can take an unfair advantage of your unfair advantages 😀

Go and read it here – it’s great:

Pink Noise for Focus

I’ve been procrastinating a lot today. Not sure why… Well, I am a bit tired for some reason, so that might explain it.

So I wish I’d thought of this a bit earlier, because I’ve often found help to focus in pink noise.

You can listen to it here:

Let me know what you think – does it help you?

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

Closing in 1 day and 14 hours…

Learn how to make money online with a proven method.

You can read my review of Easy Paycheck Formula 2 here:

I finished my first EPF2-lens last week. Today, I want to start sending more traffic to it, following the methods explained in the formula. It’s already ranking well.

If you want some highlights, I can mention:

  • I’m reviewing Easy Paycheck Formula 2, because I know Sara Young and what she stands for, and I’ve made money with the predecessor.
  • Easy Paycheck Formula is an affiliate marketing course that shows step-by-step how to pick a niche and a product that is almost guaranteed to make you money.
  • Sara Young uses Squidoo as a platform. Her students have been ok, she said. But if you like, you can use other platforms, like your own blog, Blogger, Zujava, etc.
  • The purpose of this course is to quickly and easily make money in a niche with only free tools.
  • You get insight from a real life case study. And I love that you get both videos and transcripts.
  • You’re bound to make money following the Easy Paycheck Formula 2. If you don’t, contact Sara and get help.
  • Until Thursday midnight EST, you can get EPF2 with 30% prelaunch discount, just for you as a subscriber to my list.

Direct link to sales page:

P.S. I’m going to prepare a bonus for the real launch in May, and if you buy now, you’ll get this bonus as soon as I’ve finished creating it.

Best regards,

P.S. If you have any questions about Sara Young’s course, please ask, either here or as a comment to my review:

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