He Thought He Could Steal Our Product

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This smart guy thought he could steal a 47 euro product from us, but he was stopped promptly by our system, and now we’re contacting PayPal.

Mr. Smart Ass Guy copied our PayPal code, changed the price from 47 euro to 0,01, and “bought” our product.

Obviously, thanks to our delivery system, he never got the product. Instead, I received an automatically produced email from the system will all the information I need to contact PayPal about the fraudulent sale.

We use Rapid Action Profits for both selling and delivering products, and for our affiliate system.

A fraudulent sale/refund was processed

for customer paypal@francofun.fr on 02/10/2011 at 7:50 AM


It was determined that the customer altered one of the following
   1. the amount of the transaction,
   2. the item_number, or
   3. the payee information

The customer was NOT delivered to your Download Page,
and the transaction was recorded in the Fraud Report.

Sys Secret   = xxx
Secret   =
Resp Secret   = xxx

Item Number   = mensonge
Sales Price   = 0.01
Paypal Acct   = my @ paypal.com
IP Address    =

Also, it is suggested that you report this person to PayPal’s fraud

The person’s information is as follows:

PayPal Email: paypal@francofun.fr
First Name: Jean
Last Name: Rausis
Country: CH

PayPal can be contacted at 888-215-5506.

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