Lvl 27-60 in 2 days – Squidoo masterminding – Slavery?

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Hi 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

Oh, wow, what a weekend! How was yours?

Well, in fact, I only started working again this morning at 11AM.

No, I didn’t party or anything, but if you’re a computer gamer, you’ll understand this. If you’re not, you’ll facepalm and shake your head.

Two days ago, I got the idea that I would get my level 27 mage to level 60 before a special event ended this morning at 11AM our time.

And I made it!

Actually, I’ve learned an important lesson, too, because I NEVER level up that fast. I do some quests, then I go to battlegrounds, then I learn some professions, then I make gold in the auction house…

In short, I do a lot of non-focused stuff.

The last couple of days, I’ve been hyper-focused, and I succeeded.

But I’ll probably go to bed early tonight 😉

Okay, and what about the thing we all love? Internet marketing?

Masterminding in the Squick Group

If you’re a Squick-client, you should visit our Squick group, because we’re doing some masterminding right now to figure out what to do. Continue to use Squidoo? Use it in another way? Try other sites? Make our own Squidoo?

I really love this group!

Funny Stuff

Some just haven’t figured out that slavery has ended:

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

Amazon tips from super-affiliate:

He’s made close to $90K on Squidoo.

His conversion at Amazon a bit less than 17%.

Do you want to learn from him?

You can read my review of “Amazon Niche Nuke 2.0” by Chris Sorrell here:

Or you can head straight to the sales page at get the product as low-priced as possible:

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