Traffic – Sell Amazon products – The Life Cycle (LOL)

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Hey you 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

And now it’s weekend again 🙂

Our son, Danni, came over this morning. We all speak Danish together, but since we moved to France in 2000, when Danni was 12, he’s probably better at French than at Danish.

So we often have the weirdest conversations, where you have to know several languages to be able to understand what we say.

My husband was born in France, but moved to Denmark, when he was 19, so he speaks Danish fluently.

This morning, I served bread and cheese.

Son: Oh, you grilled the bread?

Me: Yeah, I toasted it.

Husband: You "ristede" it (the correct Danish word).

Ah, well 🙂 To think that a French person should end up being better at Danish than I am…

Traffic and Amazon products

Yesterday, I got access to a product that will launch later today.

I’ll write more thoroughly about it in a special mail, but in short:

  • This product is made by Chris Sorrell.
  • I already have two of his other products, and funny thing: My son made money with one of them, and he’s NOT into Internet marketing.
  • It’s about how to sell more Amazon products from your own sites or Squidoo.
  • I’m going to test some of his tips in a moment.
  • After a first read through I went from "okay, I don’t quite understand" to "oh, wow" and "Yes, THAT works, I’ve done that" and "Oooh, nice twist!".
  • It seems that Chris Sorrell is still writing great products.
  • This product is also about how to get traffic to your Amazon sites.

"Amazon Niche Nuke" will be sold on a dimesale in a few hours. 11am EST.

When that time comes, you can get it from this link:

Funny Stuff

This is so true – we are all odd, aren’t we? See this picture of the circle of life:

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

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Best regards,

P.S. When I’ve figured out when 11am EST is, I will send a reminder so you can get "Amazon Niche Nuke" for the lowest possible price. But in case I get it wrong, use this link:

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