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Hi 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

Our water tank has a leak… We only found about it today, because my husband went up to the place where we put our boxes for easy transportation of printers, televisions, and stuff. Many of them are ruined, which will cause a problem when we’re going to move in a couple of years. We plan to buy a house here by then.

This house is rented, so we called the landlord and told him about the water tank.

He’s a very young man, 25 or so, and already a landlord. Very nice guy.

Anyway, I guess our leaking water tank is not breaking news exactly. And speaking about news…

Your Own Free Newspaper

How would you like to see an online newspaper called {!firstname_fix} News?

In fact, you can call it whatever you want. I called mine “Britt Malka Stuff You Can Use – For Action Takers and Money Makers”, and you can see it here:

I’ve used a free service for it, and if you use it, you can add up to 5 RSS feeds. I’ve used my Twitter feed, my Squidoo lensmaster feed, my two blogs’s RSS feeds, and a fifth I’ve forgotten about.

It’s very easy to set up, and it leaves more breadcrumbs out there for people to stumble upon.

More About Facebook Ad Mastery

Today, I had some more time, so I went back to Facebook Ad Mastery to watch the case study video (Ivan have posted the correct one now), and from there I went to video 2 about writing the perfect ad.

I took plenty of notes, because there were a lot of great tips in that video.

I really love that they have action steps at the end of each video. And that they have broken down the tasks so that it’s easy to know where to start.

Like I said yesterday, I’m not a big fan of paying for ads. So while I was watching, I got an idea: “Why not use what they teach with AdWords instead?” I already had a free AdWords coupon waiting for me on my account. Maybe you have, too. A lot of people are giving them away, like your web host. Or you can find them online.

That way, it’s totally risk free to test which ads work best, and then go to Facebook afterwards.

They do address that kind of fear, by the way. They know that especially if you’re new online, it’s scare to invest money in ads, but they also tell you how many clicks you should aim for and stuff like that.

I’m a bit annoyed by them calling each other “man”, but besides that I really like the course. They have clever knowledge to share.

Facebook Ad Mastery sells on a dimesale, and you can get it here:

Have You Started List Building?

Very often, I see claims like “email marketing is dead” and “don’t waste time on list building – use Facebook, Twitter, you-name-it instead”, and I’ve always disagreed.

When my main Danish site was removed from Google, I could still use my list to send people to it and make almost the same income from Google AdSense as I used to.

When I lost my domain and had to use a temporary one, I could tell my list about it directly.

And how do you think is the best way to get to know your readers? – Oh, yes, by writing to them and getting their replies by email.

If you want to start list building, but don’t know how, and you might be afraid of the thought of setting up squeeze pages and stuff like that, don’t worry. I found a video course that will guide you through all that.

The guy who made it is called Fergal Downes, and the product is called “From Bust to Business”.

His sales page is not good 🙁 But his course is. I really loved his idea about HOW you should give away your freebie (I have to change that on my sites).

Start building your list today ==>

There’s a One Time Offer – a WordPress plugin that helps you easily create squeeze pages. But if you bought the above mentioned product, Facebook Ad Mastery, you will not need the OTO. So I just saved you some money, didn’t I? 😀

Funny Stuff

My son shared a video this morning, but it was only half of what it should be.

I loved the DeLorean, the animation, and the music, so I searched for the full version and found it:

What makes you happy?

Take a look at this face… Is that happiness?

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

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Head over there now to get a program that has already proven its worth to thousands of people during the last many years:


Best regards,

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