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Hi there 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

Do you want to know how to make six figures per year?

I can give you the first step here for free. And no, there’s no catch. No “buy this to take the second step”. No nothing.

Here’s the secret to make six figures per year:

On second thought, I’ll tell you a bit further down, because if I tell you now, you’ll think it’s too simple and not take action.

So on to something completely different first 😉

Funny Stuff

Haha, I’ve done this more than once…

Being in the “slow” lane, waiting for the light to change, and then a Brian in a black Golf next to me, using the accelerator already, even though the light is still red.

And then this…

P.S. I was driving a Skoda 😉

How to Make Six Figures Per Year

Do you know what step one is?

Yes, it’s simple.

Yes, it’s easy.

Yes, I’ll do it for you.

And I’ll show you the full process, so all that’s left for you to do is to choose some kind of action to take and get started on step 2.

Here we go.

First, what is the lowest six figures you can think of?

If I’m not mistaken, it must be 100,000. Right?

So if you want to make six figures per year, you must earn at least $100,000.

This might seem a bit abstract. And it’s difficult to keep track of it. I mean… How do you know if you can reach your goal, if you made $54.87 today, and you’ve made $678 so far this month?

It would take a lot of calculations, and I just figured out an easier way to keep yourself accountable and keep track:

Find out how much you need to make per day.

Okay, so there are roughly 365 days per year. Which means that to make 100,000 you must divide that with 365 to find the daily amount to aim for.

100,000/365 = $274 – or let’s round it up to $275.

Whether this is within your reach or not is something only you know. And even if it seems like utopia today, it might be possible next month?

Who knows where action will take you.

If you feel this is way out of your reach now, then find out how much you think MIGHT be possible or what you would LOVE to make per month online.

Then divide this amount with 30.

How to Keep Yourself Accountable

Now you should have a daily amount, whether it’s $275 or $5.

You should know by now what to aim for.

Starting tomorrow, write that number on top of every date in your calender.

And every day, check your income, and when you reach the number, put a checkmark next to it.

If you don’t reach the number one day, ask yourself what you can do better tomorrow to reach it there.

Aim for at least that amount every day.

This will keep you motivated and help you focus and keep your eye on the goal.

Love this trick? I do 😀 And I only figured it out a couple of days ago.

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Have a nice Easter/Passover!

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P.S. Remember: The first step to reach six figures per year is to…?

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