DST WTF? – Unfortunate lady – and one happy reader

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Hi there 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment: http://malka.im/e/traffictravis

Sorry for swearing in the headline… But…

Here I was last night, quietly playing World of Warcraft (well, almost quietly), and suddenly I noticed the time:

WHAT? 3:30 already?

How could that be? Oh, wow, how time flies. Off to bed with me.

So I closed down my gamer PC, went back to my Mac and said good night to people on Skype, brushed my teeth, and tugged in.

Then I saw the time on our digital radio in the sleeping room: 3:34.

Aaaah, okay, not that bad. Well, a lot later than usual, but still not that bad. I must have been mistaken, then, when I saw the PC watch.

So I slept tight and saw no bed-bugs, and got up this morning at 8:30.

I checked my cell-phone to see if anybody (like my son?) had send me a text message, and oh no?

That watch said 9:30.

So it dawned on me: Daylight Saving Time… But now? On a Thursday night/Friday morning?

I’m almost certain that it happened between Saturday and Sunday last year.

Funny Stuff

The picture of this very unfortunate lady reminds me of a true story that happened to me, when I lived in Denmark.

I explain it here: http://www.facebook.com/malka.britt/posts/159119060918092

This Facebook Message Made Me Happy

I love feedback, and when I can help somebody, it makes me really happy.

This message I just received on Facebook made me really happy, and I got permission to share it here with you.

When I saw your email yesterday evening I almost cry. I couldn’t believe that Traffic Travis is so cheap. And then another problem, I didn’t have enough money on my bank account, but somehow I manage to collect enough for just under $30. I want to thank you for your info and now I finally have great tool.

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

You might have got it already, but if not… This is what I wrote about yesterday and what made the above reader happy:

[75% discount] Keyword research? Get Traffic Travis Pro

If you’re doing keyword research…

Haha, yeah, you probably are, so let me start in a different way.

When you’re doing keyword research, have you ever considered buying a program to make the process easier?

There are only two programs I recommend, and those are Market Samurai and Traffic Travis.

You can use both in free and paid versions – obviously, the paid versions offer more features, and are way cooler.

And I got them both in paid versions 😀

Traffic Travis is one of the very few programs I start my PC for, when I’m not gaming, because that’s the only disadvantage I see: It only runs on a Windows PC.

I’ve been recommending it almost since it came out 7 years ago, and it’s been kept updated frequently (2-3 times a week, they tell me) ever since.

It offers an easy way to find keywords, as well as show how well your site is performing, how well you’ve done the SEO (and give you tips to improve it), and to see how much comptetion you have, even before you start.

Anyway, up until now, if you wanted the Pro version of Traffic Travis, you had to get it on ClickBank for $97.

But now you can get it for only a fraction of that price.

Since 11am EST today, and for the next 7 days, you will be able to buy Traffic Travis Pro for only $27-$37. It’s a dimesale, so get it as early as possible to get the low price.

==> http://malka.im/e/traffictravis

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,

P.S. Note to self: Remember to check the PS before sending – Do NOT do it like yesterday 😉

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