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Would you say ‘no’ to $200?

Well, I just did two days ago. And there are several reasons why you should, too, in a lot of cases.

Since 2006, I’ve been translating small texts from French (and now English) to Danish. It pays out well, and it’s not happening too often, normally.

Sometimes there is two-three translations per month. Other times 5. And other times, there is a gab of six months between next gigs.

This Monday, we were offered a read-over and correct job, which would give us around $200, but it had to be finished Tuesday afternoon.

We politely thanked no, because we didn’t have time.

Could we have made it?

Oh, yes, sure! But that wouldn’t have been worth it, because it would have meant stress, other things not done, a sloppy job, and not feeling good about it.

A few years ago, we worked 7/7, from 8 or 9 in the morning to 2 or 4 in the night (morning).

One day, we had enough. So we started to take Saturdays off. Now we also try to do only very little work on Fridays and Sundays.

The result? We’re actually more productive now, and we feel better about what we do.

“We” is my husband and I, in case you’re wondering.

My advice to you: Don’t ever say ‘yes’ just because of the money. You must feel good about it, or it will be hard-earned money.

The same goes for promoting things. It might make you a lot of money, but if it’s a lousy product, don’t promote it.

What’s Going On at Squidoo?

If you’re creating Squidoo lenses, you’re probably aware of something going on over there.

It all started by a blog post, where Squidoo HQ called out one single lens as being not what they wanted.

The lens was about shower curtains, and it contained very little text and lots of links and pictures of shower curtains.

I must say that I didn’t find the lens bad, since it’s not a topic that demands a lot of words and explanations.

However, when I saw some of the thin lenses, members of the Squidoo HQ made themselves…

Well, it’s their site, their business.

But a lot of users have put Squidoo lens-building on hold.

Nobody really know what they want, because they state that Seth Godin’s thin lenses are okay, because they are personal, and I just got a mail with another thin lens in, made by Bonnie from Squidoo HQ, and that one got flagged, but it’s still kind of okay, she says, because it contained original artwork from Zazzle.

This is the lens:

The only thing that’s certain at the moment is that you should be personal in your lens, and I’m glad that this has always been what I told users to be.

That goes for more than lenses, by the way. I think you should be personal on any review site you make, as well as in your emails, and on your blog posts.

How to Create and Make Money With Your Own Info-Products

I’m busy writing the review of John Schwartz’s latest product called “Create Your Own Paid Info-Product” right now.

Until the review is live, you can go directly to the sales page here:

You might think that writing a book is not for you, because you don’t consider yourself an expert.

Don’t worry. John Schwartz will show you how this can in fact be a huge advantage.

And you’ll get a laugh over his “peanut butter method”. I did 😀 It’s also a great method to make sure you come up with content your readers will love. And that, my friend, is what it’s all about, in my opinion.

NOT flicking together some rehashed stuff, but creating readable, valuable books people will love and which can make you proud.

John offers his book for a very low price the first 24 hours, so run to:

Funny Stuff

Based on my experience, cats aren’t as good to distinquish words as dogs.

For instance, our dogs could understand the word “kylling” which means “chicken” in Danish, even when we used it in a context that nothing to do with food.

On the other hand, our cats who loved to come upstairs with me to watch me bathe in the tub, couldn’t tell the difference between “who wants to be the first in a flee bath?” and “who wants to come with me to bath?”

Well, they learned it very fast, that’s true…

Here’s a picture I found funny of a dog that had a problem with a simple word.

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

You might have got it already, but if not… This is what I wrote about two days ago:

Minisite or Squeeze Page PLR Pack

If you want to make squeeze pages or minisites in one of the ten common areas, Adrienne has created templates for, then you should look here:

They are really good-looking and professionally made.

And since you get private label rights (PLR) to them, you can even use them for customers or sell them, if you want.

By using them, you can create good-looking minisites – fast.

Get Your Visitors’ Attention With This Plugin

George’s plugin can do some of the same things and then more.

  • You can have different messages on different pages, or the same if you like.
  • You decide where to have the popup message: top, left, right, bottom…
  • You decide whether or not you want it to show up on landing pages, the front page etc.
  • You can set it so it only shows every 5 days… or what you want.
  • It’s highly versatile.
  • It’s very easy to install.

And the best thing? It made me money after three days!

You can add pictures, text, videos… and you don’t have to know HTML. There’s a build-in editor, so you can click and type the text and see a preview of the result.

I’m very impressed by that plugin!

You can read about it here ==>

His plugin is called “WP Stealth Note”, and it’s really cool.

Best regards,

P.S. :

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