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It's Thursday already – again! Can you believe how fast time flies?

So it was our weekly shopping day, and on our way to the supermarket (which is a few minutes walk away from us), we met this cute puppy we've seen once before.

It has a big fluffy head, and it greeded us and smelled our sandals (which probably smelled of our cat), and then it had plenty of fun, hiding under my skirt, biting my skirt, and then biting the little trolley we use for shopping.

So cute 🙂

But then it wanted to follow us, and we're crossing a road to get to the supermarket, so I didn't want it to do so. I spoke to the dog in Danish: “No, no, stay here, go to your mum, SIT!”

And the happy little puppy didn't understand anything, of course.

Luckily, I spotted its mother inside the house (the door was open), so I gesticulated to her that her dog was following us.

My husband asked me: “Are you talking to her in Danish?” (I hadn't even noticed.)

She seemed to understand, though, and smiled and called her dog to her.

The dog understood Arab much better than Danish 🙂

Funny Stuff

You're about to learn something very important!

You're about to discover why you should NEVER shampoo in the shower.


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