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indtjening i septemberMy honest review of The Lazy Super-Affiliate by Chris Rempel

Two months ago I purchased and read The Lazy Super-Affiliate by Chris Rempel – and then I took action. I'll tell you about my experiences. Does it work? Is it a good book?

Not only is it a good book – it's a GREAT book!

The book will teach you how you can easily sell affiliate products, i.e. other people's products that you can make a percentage of.

Why try to convince people that they should get this or that product? Why not just get at the people who are already interested and confirm their urge to buy? This is where the money can be found.

If you write reviews of products people already want, you have a much better change at making money than by writing about something new and exciting you should use a lot of energy on convincing people, they need.

The Lazy Super-Affiliate tell you how to chose your niche. I chose the weightloss niche, and I learned quite a lot about losing fat in the time I spend working on the site. Well, actually, yes, I have to confess that I still haven't finished it. Not because it takes a lot of time, but because I had to take care of other projects, and then I procrastinated a bit, BuT the site makes money nevertheless. Since I put it up in the middle of July, it has made me $165.13 ( $112.46 in September alone) – and I have not added the site to Google, and I haven't yet written any articles to Ezine and places like that. It hasn't even been proofread yet!!! From those number you have to deduct the domain ($7.49) and the proofreading will be around $20, I figure.

So what do you think? Does it work?

What is really smart is that you set up the site once and for all, and then it just keeps on making you money. Then you start a new site the same way, let it run and make you money. September hasn't gone yet, and my first site, which is two months old, has given me more than $100 already. Can you imagine having ten sites like that? Or twenty? You only have to create one site per month in a year, and you'll make at least $1,200 per month (the income seems to be increasing). Make and forget. I cannot wait to get more traffic and get better ranks in Google. Right now the site is number 13, when you search for the title of my bestselling ebook. Before long it'll be on the first page.

Do I have anything negative to say about the book? Only in case you don't write in English. It might be difficult to find the affiliate products you need, then.


My opinion: ***** (5/5)

Ebook, 62 pages, pdf format.

Immediate download.

Author: Chris Rempel

Title: Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate

Get it here: The Lazy Super-Affiliate

P.S. Yes, I've just started site number 2.

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