How Giving Something Away Can Result In Many Sales

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Do you ever wonder why some people are offering some very valuable stuff for free? Well, partly, I think, they do it, because they like to give, but actually it can result in many sales.

A couple of months ago Chris gave away his latest product to a few people at a forum. I was among them, and this product was really fantastic! Normally he sells it, but not even expensive. I think it’s $7. I’ve never read anything like it, and it inspired me to take action right away, but I wanted to learn more, and…

… it so happened that Chris had already written an ebook about the same subject, just handled in a different way. Not very different, but a little.

I bought this ebook, loved it immediately, and recommended it on my Danish blog. Three other persons has bought the book from my link so far.

That’s four sales – none of these four sales would have been made, if I hadn’t received the free stuff in the first place.

See, why it pays off to give something away?

In case you wonder, who Chris is, and which book I’m talking about, this is it: The Lazy Super-Affiliate

It’s quite simply the best e-book about selling affiliate products I’ve ever read. I made a sale, before my first page was even finished.

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