Fast and Easy Sells

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Yesterday, I finished reading an ebook about losing fat. The book really impressed me, by the way. Tom Venuto, the author, knows what he's writing about, and he uses lots of humour in his book. Anyway, he's talking about a stone sure method to lose weight, and then asks the question the reader is probably wondering about: How come this isn't common knowledge? Why can you find a ton of books telling you how to eat in different colours, eat more fat, eat more carbo hydrates, eat less fat, eat less carbo hydrates, eat fruit only, work out 4 minutes a day etc. etc.

Because, he says: Fast and easy sells!

fast and easy sells - photo credit Rob Shenk

And he's right.

People want fast and easy.

They want to quit smoking, but only if it's effordless for them. They want to lose fat, but only if it's fast and easy. They want to make money online, but only… yeah, you guessed it.

Would we be more happy if everything was fast and easy and without efford? I doubt it. We would lose some important lessons on the way, because there's always something to be learned.

Let me take an example: You are going from Copenhagen to Rome by airplane. Do you know which countries and cities, you pass? Do you know how they look, and how the weather is down there? Which languages are people speaking? Is the place windy or humid?

Of course, you get to Rome fast and easy, but you miss a lot of experience on your way. You also miss a lot of opportunities from not talking to the local people, meating new persons etc.

So fast and easy is not always the better solution.

Speaking about weight loss, either. Because with the fast and easy solution, you might end up losing weight, yes, but if the weight consists of muscle tissue, you are worse off than before, and just as fast and easy, the kilos will sneak back again. And this time, they will be much harder to get rid of, since your body fat pourcentage is larger.

Don't go for the fast and easy, when it comes to making money online. Create a dayly routine and stick to it. Be steady. And little by little you'll see that your efford is rewarded. And this kind of business that has been build from the ground in a quiet pace tend to last much longer and bring more than the fast and easy.

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