Why PLR stink

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Everybody is talking about PLR – Private Label Rights – but in my opinion – it stinks! Why? I’ll tell you why.

Have you ever bought or received PLR products? Then my must have noticed how sterile they are. It could just as well have been a robot writing them. Nothing human about them.

This is why they stink! They smell far away from being written by some freelancer, found on guru.com, who perhaps knows something about the subject, but who never had any success of themselves.

So should you avoid PLR?

Nope! But you should rewrite. Put in YOUR personality, and remove the robot.

It’s easy to rewrite the articles. Just take one paragraph at a time, a rephrase it, using your own word, and putting down your personality in it. Next thing you’ll know is that you don’t have PLR, you have your own product.

4 thoughts on “Why PLR stink”

  1. Hi Britt

    First of all: have you lost the lovely templates you used to have on this site? It feels much less personal to be on the standard WordPress-template, if you want my honest opinion.

    Next, I agree. Actually the whole idea of articles and PLR etc is that you rewite the whole thing. When you Google the title of a product you will find that what is presented to yourself as a good deal is later sold elsewhere for only a few bucks. You are, in other words, left with a product that becomes impossible to sell – EVEN WHEN THE PRODUCT MAY VERY WELL BE WORTH A LOT MORE, but sold by people who couldn’t care less about the product. They buy the product and release it for pennies on the dollar.

    That is also why I released “Making Sense of Internet Marketing Chaos“…

    So all the advantages of a digital product is fine when accepted and adhered to by your customers, but when they want to kick our behinds they can ruin a business within weeks, even days, and sometimes a few hours. Suing them is no option since most of them are desperate and have no cash – their very methods will keep them poor anyway, so I suppose they deserve sympathy, as difficult as that would actually be…. 🙂

  2. Well, lost, no not really… When I upgraded WP, by mistake I put all the files in the root. Then I moved the files, which resultet in deleting all files in folders that were not in the folders I moved, thus the theme.

    When I wrote this post tonight, I thought about the template problem and wanted to upload the theme again. So I started the FTP program, but got distracted (A.D.D.) – and forgot all about it. Better do it now, before I forget again 😉

  3. AND I had to get my husband to find an old backup with the template… Now I see that some things must be changed, but it’s a lot better than before.

  4. Yes, it certainly is much better. Sorry about reminding you of such a distraction, but I thought that you might not have seen the user interface.
    You might even be among the pros who send an e-mail to a certain account to automatically upload articles… 🙂

    Keep up the good cheers and thanks for a good blog. 🙂

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