First Look at The Wealthy Affiliate University

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This is NOT a review. I know I put it under the category “Review”, but a real one will follow later. This is far too soon. But I’ll tell you about my first impressions of The Wealthy Affiliate University.

I first heard about them a few days ago, but since the weekend was about to begin, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to profit from this site, I waited until today with joining. Today is Monday, May 10th, and before I go on, I would like to invite you to go and see how much you get from this membership. See some of the things, they offer, and how it can benefit you.

Click here to take a short look yourself: The Wealthy Affiliate University

Don’t spend too much time there now. Just get a brief overview. You’ll probably forgot some of the features, like I did, and get positively surprised later, when you join, should you decide so.

My reasons for joining was: I wanted to be better at selling affiliate products, and I wanted to use the article writer/spinner.

Now see, what I also found. Maybe some of it can inspire you?

After having paid for my first month (you can save money by signing up for a full year, but I wanted to make sure that this product was really worth it, before I paid for 12 months), I was send to the start page, where I was met by an easy to follow step-by-step introduction to this affiliate university. That made me happy, because since I have A.D.D., I don’t like places with lots of choices, but no clue about where to begin.

Since I had some article spinning to do (booooring!), I started out by locating the spinner. It was easy to find, and to use. You can either copy and use your own articles (which I did), or you get free access to a huge number of PLR articles.

Then I simply chose the words I wanted to substitute with others, to make each new copy of the article unique, and just by right clicking, I could choose from the Thesaurus, and I could add my own suggestions as well.

In very little time, I had my four copies of the original article, ready to be submitted to the four secondary article directories, I use.

I’m glad, I didn’t buy the article spinner, I had considered, but was for Windows only. Since I’m on a Mac that would have meant that I was forced to use my Eee PC for this purpose, and to be honest: That little cute thing is only for fun. Not business.

rapidwriter article spinner from the Wealthy Affiliate University

Okay, time to see what else they offered. I started out my journey in the Training Center, and started on the basic course.

I was pleased to see that it is very well written, and easy to understand, and it uses my preferred method: step-by-step with actions to be taken. First task was very easy, and I’m looking forward to continue with this 12 lessons program.

Oh, how I wished there were more hours in a day. Their forum is well worth taking a look at, too, and what I didn’t notice on first sight was that you can actually make real money by helping people on this forum. I received 5 gold, which I can spend on the forum as a “thank you” to other members. If you are helpful yourself, you can actually make plenty of money that way. I see a great potential. I also think that this will eliminate all those lame “thank you for a great post. Keep up with the good work” remarks. Nobody would actually pay for those, so why waste your time?

I have added my picture to my profile, but haven’t written anything about myself there yet.

Well, I should be playing World of Warcraft now, but this is more fun, so I’ll dive into The Wealthy Affiliate University a little more, before stopping my work.

Please let me know, if you decide to join. It would be so much fun to start out on this journey together.

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